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A few were more vocal in their opposition.

The lead ban is Bulls#!t!!! The alternatives in my opinion suck!!! As far as the dead birds are concerned, we could use a few more dead birds!!! That's my opinion!!!.... Kenny C
I hate to say it, but Im with Frank and Kenny C on this one....all species need some kind of predation to keep their populations in control, since we are not allowed to Actively kill these birds, so a few of them die indirectly via fishing virtually all cases of animals vs human beings, I am on the side of the humans......LOL JohnG
The concern for our water fowl over some lead split shots at the bottom of the lake has always baffled me. I mean how many birds actually gobble up rocks from the bottom of a lake anyway?? And even if they did what percentage would end up with a split-shot in their mouth???? Now my question is answered. I'm no longer gonna sprinkle split shots on the ground near a Loon nesting area. LOL JPBASS
Tungsten is just as toxic as lead and actually contains lead, Brass is made up largely of lead. ...Craig
(Craig makes a good point - if alternatives are your cup-of-tea, be careful of which ones choose.)

Wandy: I have to say though, why should it surprise you that someone might not care what happens to the environment 10, 20 years or whatever in the future...
(John, who are you referring to?)

FranK: I know exacty where you are coming from, because as I said, I mirror most of your sentiments, however, I also admire people who do care intensely about such things, whether they are misguided or whether they are correct is actually irrelevant, because their heart is in the right place.......John G
Sorry John, the best intentions don't always make for good laws and what is being discussed is relevant as to whether or not you agree with what may escalade into more restrictive measures.
(i.e. They tried to ban fishfinders in Michigan years ago.)


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Frank: the road to hell is paved with good intentions.....LOL..

for the Shakespearean fans out there, I will quote critic Mr Bradley: " Virtue alone does not insure Happiness!"

that is a good one, of course, he is referring to Othello but what the hell....LOL>>>>
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