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Boat Sales?

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What did everyone get the "You better get rid of that boat or else" routine from the wives? Holy boat sale postings Batman!:D
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I have the best spouse in the world!

13 years ago we bought a house here in CT. while we had two children and were pregnant with #3. Moved in on a Friday, had # 3 on Saturday amid all of the boxes. While in the hospital, I brought home the new Ranger and parked it on her side of the two car garage! Within 5 days we had a new home, new baby and a new boat. I thought she'd kill me! We went on to have 4 kids, the house has been completely rebuilt and we have another new Ranger. My bride encourages me to fish .... often and my son now 17 fishes with the club as well. Even this year, after her diagnosis with breast ca, she still insists that i go out on the lake to clear my head and have some time to enjoy what I enjoy best. I am truly blessed.
Cub...You are blessed

My family's thoughts and prayers are with your family... in wishing your wife's continued success battling that awful disease.
The Glaser's
Hang tough buddy, and be strong for her too...
My wife[we] went through that this past year, and it is important that you are there for her. My wife is now done with the chemo, and getting to be strong again.
May you two live long happy lives together!!

Ditto our prayers are with you and your family also!

As I have told you a long time ago your wife and your family are in my prayers.The reason Paladine is such a great fisherman is not just because of his fishing ability and Paladine is one of the better fisherman I know but I believe the biggest factor is the support from his family that support is the ground work to beat anything in life including cancer and if anyone can beat this it is you guys craig so have a happy holiday and keep your head up. On a lighter note 2 years ago I went to get my ranger winterized and I pulled in to the driveway with a new boat man I thought my wife was going to kill me I fished like crap that year because I did not have the support of my wife To this day I get sh#$ for it. 5bass
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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