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hey Long Island was Blydenburgh this season and now.....

I was thinking of fishing it this week and next....does anyone have any experience wading it?......

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Hey Joe P, sounds like a good idea to check it out. Could you pls. tell me how to get there?
Joe, I waded there often this season.. call me
hey Rob....shareeeee.....;)
Blydenburg was as good as ever this year in the early summer, but I've never really had success fishing it late in the season since by now all the boats are locked up. (Not like they were ever open at any reasonable times anyway.:cussing: ") If you do wade be careful because the lake bottom changes drastically all across the lake. I've caught a few fish fishing the eastern shore, and it seems like the further you go away from the main dock the better the fishing is.(Duh) I caught all my fish this year wading dragging sluggos and senkos along the bottom. If you do go out this year and catch anything put up a post of where you caught them. Good luck.
hey Basspro...thanks for the info. I havent set foot there this year at all. I wonder me getting a boat was a reason, LOL. I thought the opening of the rental office was ridiculous, cause at times Id show up there at 800 and the person ( almost always bored kids) would be late.

The place is good fishing , though. Now that the boats are out, I thought wading would be a good option , the only option, actually. And since Blydenburgh would be open all season, I thought I'd give it a shot before it freezes over.

Youre right, the fishing gets better as you go further from the dock......some big fish in there....

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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