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Best Croton day ever! The jig is the deal.

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Not usually one to broadcast my successes, and my first new thread on this board, the luck I had Sunday simply begs to be heard. Not that a day like this had to do with any illusory fishing skill, sometimes one is just lucky!!!
After having had planned with another ex-Lunker Lander to go out Friday and Saturday, and cancelled due to the unfishable conditions, I went out myself yesterday. And what a day it was!
I'd not been able to fish for 2 weeks, but had been catching largemouths on jigs (with plastic or pork - it doesn't really matter), so this day that was the priority lure.
I had only planned to fish to noon, and by then had already had a great day - 12 bass up to a 5-5 LM, which, by the way I checked with both my digital scale and Boga Grip - they match up.
I had only two fish up to then on anything but the jig - a 3-2 SM on a jigging spoon, and a good LM draggin a DD22 crankbait between spots (trolling is sometimes a good fall pattern here).
The bite, though sometimes subtle, was strong, but fish were stacked in certain areas, which I can only describe as rocks with isolated small milfoil beds nearby, but not in the milfoil, rather, on the bottom in 10-15 feet in the coontail. The 5-5 and two other big ones (a 4-2 and 3-12 LM) came in a short stretch between 11:30 and noon.
Then I pulled the boat out, went to my truck, and my wife was calling telling me she'd made arrangements for the kids, so I could stay out. She didn't have to tell me twice!
By 1:15 p.m. I had two more big ones, with a 5-4 LM and a 4-1, and caught another rowing with the crank to another spot, where by 2:30 I had a few more, including a 4-6 on a slowrolled spinnerbait. After three, though, there was only one more small bite, as the best action seemed to be around the middle of the day.
In all - 19 bass, with only three under 3 pounds. and only four on anything but a jig.
Check out the best five - my best reservoir limit ever...
a total of 23.8 pounds!
I had a couple of 21 plus days before the season, but this takes the cake! Why couldn't I have ever caught them like this back when I was doing tournaments?!!

p.s. To illustrate how much luck played a part in this... I had been missing fish on the jig with my Loomis IMX flipping stick, and figured the rod was not heavy enough to fully penetrate the jig on a single hook set, so I put a reel spooled with 20 lb. fluorocarbon on my Fenwick flip stick. Twice, in setting the hook, the reel came off the rod, and I had to let the fish swim around while I screwed it back on. And I did not lose either fish!
I finally got it right, and had the reel seat tight enough - the rod does have what it takes.
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