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BEST Bass Boat Insurance ???

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I am searching for a new Insurance company...I have my Insurance through Prudential(House / Automobile)...Bass Boat Insurance is not one of their strong points..
Who do you feel are the most reasonable and the best for service?
Thanks in advance,
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I use to be an independant adjuster. Buisness , Home & Marine.
Hands down Boat US for boats.
Yo Wood,

Check out Bass Boat Insurance

bass[email protected]


They specialize in bass tournament anglers and bass boat ins.

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Boat U.S is by far the best. They specialize in boats so they cover the little and big things that other insurances dont cover or dont know anything about . For an example if you forget your drain plug and your boat sinks there is a EPA cleanup and that cost is all yours and could be very expensive . Boat U S covers the little things like this . They will even cover your trailer with road side assistance so if you break down some one comes out free of charge to help . 5bass

Boat U.S. the best deal I did some research. Make sure if you want agreed value replacement, meaning you decide ahead of time how much you get if God forbid you have a total loss. Some companies only offer current market value and will depreciate the shit out of your boat and give you nexy to nothing!!! Boat U.S. will give you agreed value.

:D :cool: :D

I have no problem telling you how happy I was with Travelers Insurance. They covered the Mecanical Failure I got the new motor on the boat and took it out for the first time Saturday Anyway the short of it is I got a 04 175hp Johnson for a little over 100 bucks.
In my opinion (I say this so it doesn't appear slanderous) you should always avoid Nationwide. Unless of course you enjoy going a season without your boat AND taking you insurance company to arbitration to finally get things covered!!

Unfortunately I'm speaking from experience on this... go with anybody but Nationwide and you'll probably be better off in the long run (again "in my opinion").

Good luck....
Wood Man!


Like a few on here alredy said, Boat US is, INHO, by far the best. Had state farm and Allstate before but save big $$$ when switching to Boat US. Claims were great too, had a crack in the lower unit a few years back....they got the estimate and said that since hte motor was a 2000, it's worth more than covered the cost of the repair and I didn't have to wait for an adjuster to come out and inspect....the turnaround was very quick!

Check them out!

I have Travelers which I got through my Geico auto policy.
I have boat U.S. on my current and past Skeeter bass boat, 2 years ago I, (the guy I was fishing with) destroyed the lower unit and prop on my Yamaha while on Mahopac while fishing a Saturday tournament ...

I brought the boat up to my dealer in CT on Sunday, called Boat U.S. on Monday put in a claim, had the check by Wednesday, picked up the boat the next Saturday ready to go ....

The damage was like $4400 :eek: for the lower unit and $400 for the prop .. They cut the check for $4800, no questions asked and never sent an adjuster ... They called me 2 weeks later asking how the boat was running ... Very good customer service ...
I have had State Farm for years. Never had a claim with them. Changed because of rate increases. Went to All State & was with them for 2-3 yrs. No claim there either. Changed again because of rates. Went to Independent who went thru Progressive. My second yr. with them. Turn in a claim when a deer - Buck ran between my truck and boat while in tow. Messed up bottom of boat and done a number on trailer. They were GREAT. Came, took pictures & wrote me a check within 48 hrs. Have not checked within the last yr. but last time I checked, they gave me the cheapest quote. Thus far, service has been great.
Just my 2 cents worth.
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