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From: "Hugh Crumpler" <[email protected]>
To: "Hugh Crumpler" <[email protected]>
Subject: Bassin Varries at Stick Marsh & Farm 13
Date: Sunday, December 14, 2003 10:09 PM

The catching of bass at Stick Marsh and Farm 13 has varried the past week with the coming and going of both warm and cold fronts. Succes in catching bass is related to the angler's approach to the weather conditions.

Weather conditions must be taken into account when bassin. While a temperature of sixty degree for water in the North is very good it is not necessarily so in Florida. Within the last week the water temperature dropped from 74 degree to 64 degree. Then with 36 hours the water temperature again dropped-this time to 59.7 degree.

While the water temperature was dropping the moon was fulling. And as the moon went past full and started to defull the temperature continued to drop. The moon phase is also a consideration. The moon phase is extremely important when the water gets around spawning temperature.

On Monday the weather was cold, windy (wind out of the North) the water temperature had dropped a total of 15 degree in eight days. had a half day booked. My client wanted to fish soft plastics. Under those conditions fishing soft plastics was not the most effective bass producting method.

I suggested to my client that we obtain a few wild shiners and then finish the morning with soft plastics. Understanding that what you want to do to catch bass is not always what the bass want you to do to catch my client opeted for two dozen shiners. Our intention was to fish soft plastics when the shiners were gone. This was to be a half day trip. (Four hours on the water-ramp to ramp.)

Taking the wind direction, temperature, the high blue skies, the water temperature and the moon phase into consideration I opted to fish the NorthWest spillway.

We pulled up to the cable and tied up. I put out a couple of shiners close to the boat. In an earlier trip the bass had chased the shiners up to the boat and we were able to see the bass hit the shiners. One bass ran into the boat in a failed attempt to get one of our shienrs. However, that was before the extra five degree drop. The bite on this trip started slow.

It was like the bass were in slow motion. But so were the shiners. As a result the bass were able to catch the shiners. My client did get to see a bass or two come up and go after his shiner. That is an awesome sight.

The catching got a little slow and we had to move. Generally, I can put a boat in one place, stay all day and catch bass. Using wild shiners can draw bass into your area. We moved based on the suggestion of a crappie fisherman who wanted our spot. The move proved to be a good one as Mitchell Berg landed a very nice bass. Photo attached.

As a side note: Many folks believe that fishing wild shiners is sitting and watching a strike indicator. I have written an article which I have sent to several website to dispell this idea. The article is up on www.ProBass.Com and BassNEdge.Com at this time. It may show up on more sites soon.

The way I like to do a guide trip. Is first book the day. Second-before the trip the client calls me and we discuss what the bass are doing and what I think it takes to catch bass. Third we make a decision. What Ever we decide my client WILL catch bass. It is the client's trip! What he wants is what we do.

Back to the trip. We finished two dozen shiners in four hours. The bites produced 18 or 19 bass. Considering the conditions I was happy with the 18 or 19 bass. We did not get time to try the soft plastics.

On Saturday I went out scoutting. I got into the water around 9:00 AM and departed the water about 3:00 PM. My trip produced six bass. None of any reportable size. However, the information gained from this trip on Saturday is vital to catching bass. I only scout with artificials.

There are bass in the Back Lot. They are shallow and will hit Long A' s, Flukes, and Senkos. They might (underline might) hit Topwaters. The bass are also located along the drop in the Back Lot. AND there are bass under the grass islands in the Back Lot.

In the South end of the Farm (East to West) I found bass on the bed, beds, AND one bass guarding fry. Here is the key to why they were on the bed. The water temperature hit 68 degree whithin three days before the full moon. The bass were already in a prespawn feeding mode prior to the full moon.

From now until the end of March bass will be in post spawn, spawn, and prespawn. Not all the bass are spawning at the same time and not all the bass are on the bed at the same time. It is different groups of bass. Florida bass do not know winter. They know Fall, Spring and Summer. Every time it is within three days of a full or dark moon the bass will get into a bedding mode.

Come on down-the weather is fine and the bassin is better.

The author of this report may be reached by e-mail at [email protected].


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Hugh... i enjoy your reports, especially in the winter time!... you should consider being a sponsor of this board... email me if you're interested... the rates are going down and i'm sure we could work something out for not much money... otherwise, i'm going to have to ask you not to post these long "advertorials" for your business... it's against our forum guidelines and will only invite more people to do the same thing... so, please give me a shout so we can work something out... i know you get business from this board and also know that members enjoy your reports and pictures... and with a sponsorship, you would be welcome to post these advertisements all you want in the sponsor section.


Mike de Avila

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Most places are happy to get the reports. I try to put in information that is valuable where ever someone fishes.

An advertorial would be more of an ad than some thing that reports and helps.

I know I brought George to your site and I apologize for that.
George is usually more than willing to spend the bucks.

However, e-mail me the amounts of money you are talking about. [email protected]. I will give it consideration. If I am willing I will let you know. If not I will simply quit posting on MYBass.Com.

Merry Christmas!

God Bless You,
Hugh Crumpler III
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