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PM is full, dude.....cant reply...

If you got a 6-10 MH Crucial , Ill take that off your hands if you decide to get rid of it....

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Sorry Joe...

No 6'10" Crucial but that is sort of what i wanted to talk to you about...Are you a 6 ft 10 inch Falcon rod user?...I am looking at the Epert series or the Cara at the very least...

Anyway, my questions are "VAST"...send me your e-mail and digits...Happy Thanksgiving...

The One Armed Bandit

Mark D

My PM box should be more roomy now, but be sure to use the spelling basseracci and not my old defunct handle of basserachi as you did here in this post...That account will not accept PMs...When we made the switch to the new server, I had some kind of problem and it was never resolved so I created a new handle...

My e-mail is [email protected]

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