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This is from

12/2/2003 Who says bass anglers aren't athletes? Arkansas tour pro Stephen Browning schooled 11 other competitors to win ESPN's "Wild Rules" Survivor-type adventure race series. The last part of the competition was a "grueling" 15- hour run between Browning and two other competitors. Fifteen hours? Heck, that's just a long prefish day.

He won $100,000, and said: "I'm going to use this money to help pay for my son's education, and to live my dream, which is to be in the outdoors."

The competitors had to make do with minimal supplies. Browning caught fish for everyone, and had this to say about it: "The funny thing about it was that for the first couple of days we didn't have a raft. I was just bank-fishing and I was bummed out. I was a happy camper when we built the raft and I could get off the bank."

I was keeping a tab on this show just to see if Browning would be able to pull it off. Just thought I'd throw this out there, in case anyone interested might have missed it.
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