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Bass Pro Shops???

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I know this Isn't the place For this but what the hey, What is up with the Scheduled bass pro in the finger lakes?? My latest Catalog didn't even have it listed. Was hoping to get some Xmas Fishing done there this fall!! Thanks for any info!! Iceman
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Iceman thay are saying some time in spring 2004
Ice: this board has had more BPS sightings than Vegas has had Elvis sightings!! LOL......
There was an official "ground breaking" ceremony earlier this month, with several nice story lines in the local paper about the company and about how they decided on Auburn (a local Mall rep did a lot of work and follow-up, plus got lucky in discovering a friend from her school days was a VIP at BPS).

Anyway, it's been presented as a "done" deal, with a Spring 2004 opening.

It a little confusing because the earlier deal for a Fall 2003 deal kind of fell apart and then ended up being "re-born" into this new deal.

Hope that helps,

See ya,

Joe K.
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What about the one in NJ?

I read they were building one in the new Xanadu complex down by the Meadowlands but haven't heard anything recently. With the huge business the Cabelas in PA is doing I expect more of the big boys to be popping up soon. I'm heading down to NC in a couple of weeks so I'll probably stop in at the Charlotte BPS. But I won't buy anything...hehe...yeah right!!!!! Enjoy...Mark
The truth of the matter

My understanding is the opening will be sometime April - June 2004.
WATCH IT John ! BPS is SUPPOSED to open in NY while ELVIS HAS ben sighted in Vegas AND Michigan . I read it in the WEEKLY WORLD NEWS next to the article on BigFoot
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