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Got out on one of my favorite reservoirs with my friend John. This was our first outing of the year where we were not confronted with tough post-frontal conditions. I’m a firm believer that 2-3 days of stable weather prior to an outing is critical to a good bite.

The water temp was in the low to mid-50’s and lightly stained. There was no discernable pattern as we caught all of our 23 bass in both shallow and deep water on a variety of lures and patterns - but slow and methodical was the ticket.

John caught our first big fish of the day @ 5lbs. 11oz. I followed up shortly thereafter with a similar fish.

Our top 4 fish of the day:

5lbs. 2oz.

5lbs. 9oz.

5lbs. 11oz.

7lbs. 14oz.

Thanks for looking.
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