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Bass Class....would you be interested?

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I have been "mulling" the idea around for a few years now. Bass Class would entail 5 Sundays in February/March, 3 hours for each class. Besides myself, there would be other speakers shareing their expertise and knowledge in the different and diverse aspects of the sport of Bass fishing. There would be a nominal fee involved. Before I go ahead with reserving the venue, I would like to see if there is any interest. The classes would be held on Long Island.

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I only wish I was closer, that sounds like a good time.

I would go

And could get at least 1 or 2 other club members to participate.
Great Deal for Down State Fishermen!

I'd be interested in the knowledge and comraderie with out a doubt.

I'll be following the thread to see what develops.

I wonder if having that many Sunday afternoons in a row away from the wife and kids before the season started might be hazzardous to my health?
Yes...I would attend...

I would be interested in hearing some bass lectures if they are not held further out on Long Island than Montauk or Orient Point...I don't have a boat...


As I may have discussed with you during our fishing adventure on Winnisquam ( we need to repeat that), I am a certified fishing instructor with the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department ( volunteer program). I have some nice slide shows ( PowerPoint) that do a great job as visual aid for fish identification = warm and cold water species. All to often many anglers catch a fish that they are not able to clearly identify. With these aids it is easy to I.D. that unusual catch - yes we do catch other fish - not only Bass.

If you think this information would be helpful as you develop your course, your welcome to them.

Please advise,

Hope all is well,

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A little far...but fun

I'm sure I could find some club members interested in such an event. We're located in Northern NJ so it may be a little far for us, but I'll ask around. Flipping and pitching is my strongest area to discuss....but you probably have a milion people that say that. I'll stay tuned...Mark

I think the interest would mainly depend on the topics and areas covered. If the seminar was towards more experienced fishermen and concentrated on advanced tactics and local waters, it would be more interesting that watch Roland, Bill, or Jimmy on Sundays since they're geared more to the casual guy and many of the "tips" are really things us experienced guys already know....

How bout getting Pat do do a talk on deep water fishing on Maho? or possibly a Hudson river guy on tidal tactics?

Maybe Huge will show us how to fish a Senko and not let anyone see him do it?

Just a few ideas...
I'm with Nick. I'd be interested, but.... my work schedule sometimes conflicts. It would be dependent on specific dates and the times.
Here's what I've been thinking.

1st Class (3hours) BASS FISHING BASICS 101
A. Equipmet
B. Terminal Tackle
C. Baits, "Keeping It Simple"
D. Presentation & Techniques

2nd Class (3hours)
A. Location, Location, Location....seasonal movements & patterns.
B. Tackling The Problems...Post Spawn, Cold Fronts, Moon Phases
C. How to make your MAP work for you.

3rd Class (3hours)
A. Deep Water Structure Fishing
B. Tidal Fishing
C. Reading Your Electronics

4th Class (3hours)
A. Jig Fishing..."Soup To Nuts"
B. Finesse Fishing..."When Little Means BIG!)

5th Class (3hours) TOURNAMENT TACTICS
A. Preperation
B. Networking
C. "Little Tips" That Put Fish In The Boat

If you have any other ideas let me know
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I think that sounds like a great idea. Any chance of maybe combining two of the days so some of us "upstaters" could go? The NYBU last year was well worth the drive, and very managable.
Count me in!

Count me in. Sounds like it would be very informative.

5 sundays would be very difficult for me to attend... but i would like to make it to a couple of them for sure.
Scully: it was a MAJOR effort to pull off the one day NYBass seminar that we did last year

lots of last second cancellations, with you being among them! LOL......

now: after you had to cancel last year because of sickness, you told me that you would be willing to make up for it by speaking for 2 hours if we had another one.....

whether we will or not is still up in the air...

however: the NYBass seminar was basically a freebie, that worked because of two main things:

one: that MikeyD offered his professional seminar free of charge

two: that MikeH offered us the use of his large room in his restaurant in Mt Kisco for free.....

now: Mike was even willing to supply food for nothing but I told him he was nuts!!! so we agreed to have a charge of only 10 dollars per person....

that 10 dollars got them coffee and doughnuts when they arrived and a fantastic buffet style luncheon......

the seminar was free!

of course, it was a success under those conditions......

Now, I wasn't sure if it was possible to throw one of these things together again in the off season, however, Mikey D has already offered me his time again like last year and MikeH has already offered the use of his restaurant......

I was kind of hoping if it happened that I Could round it out with you and PatX.......

since you had "promised" me time at another one,,,,I thought it might be feasible.....

never an easy one........
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John ..sounds like ... maybe this should have been

a PM first, before hitting the board. Just my .02.
Count me in for the classes....i have my pencil sharpened.
I'd ,look forward to the FIELD TRIPS!

Here's my permission slip! :beerchug:
great idea but...being an upstater i wuld have more driving time than classroom time......but will watch the board to see what
topics are....that would be 5 sunday's with no nascar racin
:eek: :eek: :cussing: :cussing: :beerchug: :beerchug:
no problem......


My word is my bond. You want me for two hours, you got me lol. In regards to "Bass Class", the logistics would not be a problem at all. The venue is available at a price and would hold up to 175 people. Now I know there wont be anywhere near those numbers attending. A manageable class would be between 15 and 20. With a 5 week curriculum people can pick and choose to come to 1, 2, or all of the classes. I think a $10.00 per class fee would cover the expenses, though it could run a little higher depending on participation. A one day seminar similar to last years is much more difficult to "bring together" so to speak.

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