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What do they look like ?

Craig, I have a ton of Bagleys baits...But what does a honey bee look like...I think some of mine have the model names Killer Bee or Balsa Bee on them...Any of these any good?

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Bagley's still makes the Honey Bee and the Deep Honey Bee($4.79 BPS).
Or is there something about the older models that are better?

Basseracci, If you have any Balsa B1's,or Killer BII you'd like to part with please drop me a line.
If this is old stuff with Brass hardware it's worth quite a bit on E-bay.I'd still be interested but just not as many...><>...HS

Craig,Just checked over at Jacks also,He's got close to 70 of 'em in stock.Tenn shad,blk/chrome,chart/craw,(1)White flash?
$3.79 ea
Hope that helps.

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Thanks Paul. Why doesn't Bagley's have a web site where I can see a color palette? I'm looking to see if they have any different colors than the ones I always see. Mark- they are tiny, just under 2" with a square bill 0-4 feet. Typical Bagley shape. I just have a soft spot for them. I'll get a photo up here soon.
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