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Back to Fishing Please !!!

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With all thats been going on here on the board that has very little to do with fishing, i would like to do my part and offer up some good old fashion fish talk...

I am preparing a box of "vertical baits" for control depth fishing in the fall with schooling/corraling/suspending fish...So far i have

XPS Bladebaits ( all colors )
Silver Buddies
Gay Blade
LC Cymbal Vibs
Blitz Blade Bait
Heddon Sonar
Tailspinner (not sure, think its a Stanley)
Various Spoons:
Johnson's weedless
Rapala weedless
Red Devils
Little Cleos

LC Wanders
Spro Bucktail Jigs and Grubs

I also have a great Daiwa linecounter reel on a somewhat parabolic 7' rod made by Shimano called a Carbomax...It's a composite and is a medium action, medium budget rod...

What do ya think?...I only gave it a couple of hours thought and rummaged through my stuff to come up with this...Some stuff had to be ordered and I'll have it in time for next w/e...

What else do I need for targeting fish with a more vertical presentation with hardbaits ?...

Mark D

If anyone is looking to try techniques like these out next w/e, lets talk...That's what i will be doing along with working any other patterns i can figure out...
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What else do I need for targeting fish with a more vertical presentation with hardbaits ?...
To carry all that stuff...........a back brace :D

psst you forgot a senko jig!

You can "caddy it" for me (lol)...

Mark D
That's a lotta of spoons!!:eek: But for vertical jiggin I'd scratch a few off the list (especially the weedless ones) and add the Hopkins shorty, in numerous weights for different depths.:)
i especially like this....


hey Mr forgot Kastmasters....
Mark: only need one or two that you are real confident in......I will get back to you about Maho........

I forgot Hopkins...They are in the box and so are Kastmasters...Thanks...

But, if it comes down to it


Are the ones I am most comfortable with...

Joe, I keep sampling the formulary...Thats why I am so forgetful...All the "crystal meth" I've been using on the side doesn't help either...And as you know, i always have a lot of ETC !!!

Thanks guys...

Mark D
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Mark, I recently got a couple tailspinners and while it tends to catch the line with its own hooks, it has nice action and sinks like a stone, making it a decent choice for vertical presentations...

Mark D

Have you ever read Rob J's jigging spoon article?
Hopkins Shorty?? Good all around jigging spoon.
Thanks Gregg,

That article is a good reference...Just printed it for my lib...

Mark D
Thanks for recommending my article, Gregg! :)

I'm glad you liked it, Mark. :)

There's nothing quite like the Hopkins Shorty, especially for big bronzebacks here in Western New York. Although I've never tried the Kastmaster spoon in the same manner (vertically) as I use the Hopkins, I'd imagine it might work, too, but I think the "heavy-frontedness" of the Hopkins is its key feature and probably helps to give the lure more action on the drop.

Tight Lines...
More good info...

Thanks again to you, Rob J...

Mark D
Mark, in my opinion you have way too many choices. Narrow it down to a few different ones and get real comfortable with those. With a good spoon, a good blade bait, and a good deep water plastic bait of some kind, you should be fine.
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