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Attention Lurkers

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I know you've read this before,But 20 min ago I made a post,there have been 10 hits to that post already,I have monitored what members were on the site in that time,,Myself& 1 other registered member were the only ones here(yes I refreshed often),,There must be something you could add to this board,No you can't be forced to join but register& tell us about yourself in your Bio & first post,,member numbers are a selling point to advertisers,,& you may meet some new friends& teach someone something new,,God Bless& Tightlines,Mark:p
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Keep in mind that sometimes one read and response is registered as 2 hits. Also, when you see someone as being on the site they may already be off. I know this for a fact. The userid appears as active on the board even if one has been off for 10 or 15 minutes.
Huge,understood,& I believe that a few members may be here in a hidden mode.With the member being listed for a short time after leaving ,then I'd have seen possibly more members listed than were actually here at that time.Tightlines,Mark
Mark, for those not in the know, has been on since its very beginning... I have old printouts of the board a good 5 years ago with his name initiating posts.........

I know what you are saying ......not all lurkers are "lurkers" that I mean, with bad intent, ie: trying to get an edge on a tourney........many are casual fishermen or beginners who feel a little overwhelmed by the vernacular and afraid to sound stupid if they post......
Well, I suppose I'm one of the lurkers.
I don't post much. Reason is, I don't have a ton to say. My boat's put away for the season, so I'm pretty much done, therefore have no recent experiences to share. Sucks to be me, huh...

Also, as I am also a member on a bunch of other "huge" forums, I'm in the habit of trying not to post unless I have something useful to say (avoid padding)..

I still read just about every thread, I'm an information vacuum (more like a sieve)...
Heck, this is was my first year with this boat, and haven't gotten into T's yet, so I'm just gettin started on that aspect. But I've had a rod & reel in my hand since I was hatched.

So, we're not all lookin' to steal your info, just don't have a ton to contribute, yet.:letusfish
as I just said.....
Dainbramage,Welcome to NYBass,I know where you're coming from on not thinkin you have much to add,but occasionally I'll post something regarding local waters& somebody will contact me for more info regarding Vacations or just trying some differant water,and you may have a ? that seems trivial but,If you're asking about it chances are there's somebody else who has the same question,,there are lots of brains on this board to be picked,and by registering & getting to know the guys who fish Tx etc.may get you just that little extra info in a PM from somebody if you decide to try the tx thing,,Tightlines,Mark
i like bass fishing... a lot... i'm happy as hell that i discovered it and NYBASS... i've only been fishing for a few years and am no expert... i will occassionally post techniques or tactical posts, but for the most part i'm here for the comraderie... i also feel that i don't have as much to offer as most, tactic wise, but i do enjoy giving reports on my outings... if i wanted to, i could be more of a "student" of the sport and attempt to broaden my bass fishing skills by being more analytical... i think someday i will... but for now, i just enjoy getting out when i can and interacting with the people here... i fish senkos a lot because i catch fish with them... i could be more disciplined and try other baits more often, i just don't feel like doing that right now...

and look at me!... i help run this website, am in a local bass fishing club and also produce a half hour fishing show!... which goes to show you that you don't have to know a ton about the sport to enjoy it... and the same goes for NYBASS... no one here should feel obligated to post, but if you take something from here it would be nice if you gave a little bit also... it's just the right thing to do.... so i hope if a lurker reads this, he/she will feel more open to post something... even if it's just a fishing report or a fishing story or a question about fishing... the members here have all levels of experience... don't be shy or feel overwhelmed... you will probably be pleasantly suprised...

and to those lurkers who are experienced fisherman and come here only to sponge info before a tournament: your sucking right now!... do yourself a favor and help some new members out by answering their questions... you won't suck anymore:angel:
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