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I would like to congratulate and thank all the mebers of my club, Atlantic Bassmasters for a wonderful and rewarding season. It isnt too often in life we are praised publicly for a job well done so these are the awards/plaques/trophys that will be awarded to these members on Monday evening December 8th.

Rookies Of The Year; Tony & Ted Felice
Good Sportsman Award; Kenny Sullivan
Open Champions; Ray Scully & Greg Keegan
Masters Champions; Paul Ritchie & Kevin Cunningham
Classic Champions; Paul Ritchie & Kevin Cunningham
Tournament Of Champions; Ray Scully & Greg Keegan
Team Champions; Ray Scully & Greg Keegan
Mr. Smallmouth ; Ray Scully (4.03)
Mr. Bass; Ray Scully (6.03)

Hudson River ; Paul Ritchie/Joe Pepe
Candlewood/Lilly (Open) ; Ray Scully/Greg Keegan
Highland Lake ; Steve Krygowski/John Nannery
Candlewood Lake ; Bill Slavis/Dave McLaughlin
East Twin Lakes ; Joe Pido/Pat Xiques
Candlewood Lake ; Frank Ripp/Larry Miller
Lake Champlain (Masters); Paul Ritchie/Kevin Cunningham
Lake Mahopac (Night); Ray Scully/Greg Keegan
Greenwood Lake ; Ray Scully/Greg Keegan
Copake Lake ; Paul Ritchie/Kevin Cunningham
Connecticut River ; Bill Slavis/ Dave McLaughlin
Thousand Island Classic ; Paul Ritchie/Kevin Cunningham
Lake Mahopac (Team); Ray Scully/Greg Keegan
Lake Oscawana (TOC); Ray Scully/Greg Keegan

New Members 1000 Point Club
Don Heller
Dennis Scully

Challenge Cup Team
Ray Scully
Greg Keegan
Dom Lamanno
Steve Krygowski
Bob Casella
Danny Cobotic

New Club Record Award 5 fish Total Weight 20 pounds 4 ounces
Paul Ritchie/Kevin Cunningham

Have a great Holiday Season

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waaay to many of the Ray Scully, Greg Keegan, Paul Ritchie and Kevin Cunningham winning those awards.....

I think that has to change next season.....;) you ready, Pat????

Congrats, guys.....what an awesome year......!!!!:beerchug:


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Congrats to all the award winners in the Atlantic B/M for the 2003 season. Ray runs great club with some super guys I've gotten to know in the last couple years.

Very Impressive stats...

Congrats to EVERYONE at Atlantic...Craw , Blue and June..Way to get some impressive ink !!!!
June... congrats again on AOY...

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Oh Im ready - trust me!

Way to go for the rest of the guys in the club too. After being abscent for a number of years from the club, I really enjoyed getting out on some different bodies of water. It was also the first year that I met Joe Pido. Joe has proven to be not just a great angler, but a great man. We have spent countless hours on the water this year. We didnt always win, but I can tell you that we ALWAYS had a great time. Joe is just one of those guys who you have to have in your circle. Energetic, positive and talented. Those were the things that I was looking for in a partner, and I got it!

Thanks to Ray for yet another fantastic year, and a special thanks to Joe Pido. Now let's get ready for next year partner!

Pat X
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