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This years Halloween Fall Classic (4th) was a huge success as fun was had by all....well some Some new faces brightened up the winners circle as well as a few others who fished their way into the money positions (Top 5).

On behalf of Atlantic Bassmasters I would like to thank the 23 teams (two did not show) who fished with us. We hope that they enjoyed themselves and look forward to seeing them return in 04'

I would like to thank our sponsors for their support as well, Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, Lee Baileys Cavatron Buzzbait, Matzuo America, Viper Spinnerbaits, Hooked Solid Custom Products, Backwater Custom Baits, Micro-Munch Tackle, Hookerz Tackle, Causeway Bait & Tackle and Alluring Designs....and my wife (Wendy) for providing an orange "seasonaly festive" table cloth for the weigh

Congratulations to the 2003 "Halloween Fall Classic" Champions , Albano & Mitchell for a job well done.

Tournament Results fish/pounds & ounces
1. Albano/Mitchell 4/10.15 ($1220)L
2. Morgan/Morgan 5/10.06 ($920)
3. Mahood, J/Daddio 3/9.105 ($1020)L
4. Menchen/Menchen 4/9.10 ($520)
5. Case/Russo 3/8.10 ($320)
6. Lamanno/Heller 2/6.01 ($100 Tackle Pk)
7. Sullivan/Pepe 2/5.13 ($100 Tackle Pk)
8. Norwicky/Hill 4/5.06 ($100 Tackle Pk)
9. Glazer/Pido 2/5.02 ($200)L
10. Inella/Reyes 2/4.15 ($100 Tackle Pk)
11. Loll/Giordano 1/2.03
12. Ernest/Hallihan 1/1.15
13. Arico/Musarra 1/1.10
14. Xiques/DelVisco 00
15. Scully/Cunningham 00
16. Bailey/Mathieu 00
17. Ritchie/Ritchie 00
18. Elkins/Reiley 00
19. Avery/Kanwisher 00
20. Jedlica/Peck 00
21. Mahood,W/Seims 00
22. Proto/Brady 00
23. Reiley/Anzaldi 00
24. Cucinello/DeStefano DNF
25. Ewald/Gerhardt DNF

1. Mahood, J/Daddio 4.07 Largemouth
2. Glazer/Pido 4.02 Smallmouth
3. Albano/Mitchell 3.10 Smallmouth

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I Had a Great Time!

It was a very interesting day, tough but interesting. Congratulations to the Winners and Kudo's to Ray Scully and Atlantic Bassmasters for a fine run event.
One thing that I don't understand is why anyone who participated in the event and stayed for the weigh in would throw back fish without weighing in?

:cool: :cool: :cool:

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Re: I Had a Great Time!

Kenny C said:

One thing that I don't understand is why anyone who participated in the event and stayed for the weigh in would throw back fish without weighing in?
Well if it's a one day event with no points trail and you already know you're not in the money what would be the point of weighing the fish??

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we talked about this on my boat today, Gregg, Jeff and I.....

I had the same reaction as Kenny at first, but then Gregg and Jeff reminded me that this is an open event, with nothing to be gained by weighing out of the money....

in a sense, Scul's contest is like a poker game, it is a higher priced shootout, where almost is close by no cigar as far as finishing in the money.......

myself , though, I would not want to see a ZERO in front of my name if I caught even one fish.....

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Nice job guys!

Special congrats to Joe Pido(my Falcon comrade), Woody, Gary Menchen, NICK, and Kenny. Well done on a day when the bite was "sub-optimal"....

Scully, sounds like you run a fantastic tournament, should you ever decide to start a trail, I'm in!

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Gregg...thats L for lunker...and for some reason I thought Woodster is Glaser......:confused:'ll be proud to know I was using a 6-9 light action Falcon Expert for drop shotting......:D


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a lunker prize......


Woody and Joe had 2nd lunker worth $200.00 Most events have only one lunker pay out. We use what we call a "Super Lunker" payout that rewards the 3 largest catches. You can only win one.
Yeaterdays payout was $300/200/100.

Meg I'll keep a spot open for the way...nice smallie! My first Erie fish was a 5.02 ( I thought I had died and gone to heaven). Isn't that place special?...WOW


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Again, Good Event!!!

I'd like to thank my partner Nick (a.k.a. BassRat) he is always a great guy to fish with. This was the 3rd event we fished together, the other 2 were Alliance Opens and we have always cashed a check.
Thanks again Nick, can't wait for the next one.
Hey, is it Spring yet?

:beerchug: :D :cool:

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I know the damn L is for lunker <b>DUH</b>

Am I the only one who notice woody is list as <b>Guthrie</b>
you know the folk singer, isn't our big buddy's name <b>Glaser</b>:confused: :confused: :confused:


Yes...You are all over it...Blue has put me in as Guthrie before in events... an obvious play on words and his sense of humor.
My nickname is Woody.
My last name is Glaser and I refuse to give out any OTHER information over the internet.;)
Congrats Again to everyone !!!! I neglected to mention Nicky and Kenny !!!!!
Blue, I am in for NEXT year...Give me that #1 position:D
Tight Lines

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First I have to thank Ray. It is always a pleasure fishing one of Ray's events. Through his efforts with the Alliance of bass clubs (also formed by Mr Scully) there is a definite sence of commroderie between the involved clubs.
I would also like to thank my fellow Outcast Bass Anglers members Joe Innella, Roberto Reyes, Vito Anzaldi, Pat Reilly & my partner Kenny Case. It takes real balls to plunk down $200 to fish against this caliber of anglers.
This is one of the finest fields I have ever had the honor to fish against. From top to bottom this group of 50 guys are quality bass fishermen.
As always it is a treat to fish with my Freind Kenny Case. I would go into battle with this guy anytime anywhere. Ken is a versitile fisherman who can really dig in when it counts. Not only is he a great basser in his own right but he truley understands how to fish a team format. This is not acommon trait among guys who have achieved alot of individual success ( such as Kenny has).
The day was tough to say the least & I consider us very fortunate for the 3 fish we caught. I'm not gonna sit here and say," oh we did this and knew that". We fished hard all day continued to change baits, presentations and tactics. When Ken caught our first fish at about Noon. It was the first sign of life we saw all day. We decided that we would live and die with that particular submerged point in 22-35 feet of water for the remainder of the tournament. An hour later Kenny put a second Smallmouth over 3 pounds in the boat. With an hour left I went into an F'n zone almost trying to will a fish on my hook in order to help my team. Although we were down to less than 30 minutes left I still never doubted that I would boat a fish.
5 minutes to go Kenny says "let's", and befor he could utter the word "go" I set the hook on a Largemouth just shy of 3 pounds.
Man I was fricken extatic!!!!! We netted that bad boy and blasted back to the ramp.
What a tournament what a day.

Thanks Ken.

It was also a pleasure meeting all the regulars Joe Pepe, JoePido, Mike DelVisco, and my Goomba "Woody".
It was also nice to meet for the first time 5bass, Nick A, and Paladin.

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A tough one for Mike and I. We only had two bites all day long, and caught both of them. We had about 5.5lbs, but after looking at the board, Mike and I decided that we wouldnt even bother weighing in since we were out of the money.

Way to go for all who participated. Another well run event put on by Ray Scully and Atlantic Bassmasters.

Man, that was a tough one - maybe the worst day I have ever had on the lake!

Pat X

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Great job Ray!!

For those who have fished in "other" tourneys that are not run as well, it is nice to be confident that any of Ray's tourneys are going to be run well.

Nice to meet everyone and hope to do it again.
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