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Anyone know about the Fish Mark 320?

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i am thinking about buying the fishmark 320 by eagle, and i am wondering...which is better, the portable one or the regular one?

and i got another does a fishfinder work anyway? does it scan in front of your boat, right under it or what?
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bottom line fishing buddy or the eagle

I have one of the bottom line fishing buddy sonar units and was considering getting the portable eagle 320 unit but was unsure how it would work with a reservoir rowboat. If anyone has an eagle unit and uses it on a reservoir could you explain how you mount the sonar to the bottom of the boat without destroying it?


Thanks John. I knew someone must have figured a portable solution out for mounting the transducer. I would like to use a good sonar unit on difft reservoir but could not figure out anything other than the bottom line unit. nice idea but not as good as a full featured sonar. looking forward to seeing the picture. i am sure other reservoir fisherman will appreciate this.

Thanks Bass Stalker.

How much are those? John G's little setup seems pretty easy to make but if that thing is not too pricey than I might save myself a little work.

portable or non portable

Hey bob,

which model do YOU have? The portable one by cabelas/eagle or non-portable. I am looking at the cabelas portable 320 and contacted eagle as well. On eagles website there is no mention of a portable 320 fishmark unit.

thanks bob

Thanks Bob for the picture. From the cabelas picture it looks like the tray will fit so i'm glad you mentioned that.

How long does the battery last?

How heavy is the unit? Is it 'hikeable'?

Many thanks. Nothing to do on a snowy sunday except take pictures and ebay.

jonboat, reservoir boat. canoe and kayak rarely.
I just received a reply from Eagle asking about the portable Eagle fishmark 320 unit from Cabelas:

"Thank you for your inquiry. Cabelas has manufactured a portable power package and kit specifically for this model which does not come from Eagle. We do provide portable power package assemblies, which will fit this and several other Standard size Eagle models, and is available directly form Eagle. You can obtain more information from or calling the 800 number listed below.

Thank you for your interest in Eagle. "
base camp

Looks like the base from cabelas is difft. I guess the d-cell base can be purchased in addition to the base fishmark 320. I wonder what, if anything, is different about the cabelas unit in terms of electronics. According to the email I got from eagle is seems like it is the same basic fishmark 320 unit. The price for making it portable is the same as buying it not portable. Am i missing something?
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