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Anyone ever heard of SILSTAR?

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My mom gave me some of my dad's old fishing tackle and rods.
Knowing my dad, god rest his soul, I'd have to bet this was somekind of budget rig as he was, ahem, frugle....but I was wondering if anyone ever heard of this combo:

Silstar 999-80BWS Triple 9 Graphite Composite
8 foot medium action

Silstar ET60B
Spinning Reel

The rig is brand new unused......I just spooled it with some 12lb Trilene, figure I'll go give it a tryout!
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silstar makes pinnacle rods and reels.pinnacle is their high end stuff.:beerchug:
I had two of the combos when I first started out with baitcasters(late 80's) and they did not last very long. The gears stripped very easy. They were low end in price, but also quality.
I have 2 spinning combos about 3-4 years old that are pinnacle...and the silstar website address is on them.

So far They have performed well. One of the spinning reels was not working properly, but I was able to fix the problem easily. Other then that they seem to be real smooth running reels.
Mike: good to see you back on, I assume you have been one busy man!
JOHN G said:
Mike: good to see you back on, I assume you have been one busy man!
Tis the teaching season!!!!!!!!!
My side job has had me busier then the primary one! Everyone wants to get their M/C license in the spring and early summer! LOL!!!

As I said in another post, even though I'm not posting much.........I check in daily, sometimes several times a day.

You're not gettin' away with much of what I don't know!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Korean medium range quality. Silstar also makes all of Bass Pro shops "brand" reels least they did as of 2 years ago.

Just cleaned one up I had in the 80’s used it almost every weekend down in Nags Head, NC surf fishing had it in storage moved to the Blue Ridge in “93” just cleaned & loaded it with a Daiwa 4500. It’s still in good shape we’ll see in the spring how she does. Here’s to straight lines.
Had a Silstar spinning rod for years. No idea what happened to it but it did well for bass if memory serves.
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