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Anybody into video games?

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X-box or PS-2? Curious.
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you know, I think I liked you on here a lot better before you were laid up! LOL.........
you graduated from barbi?

So what games you playing? I have a 15 year expert living in the house.
I'll post my report soon.
I have had bad luck with Game systems my last was the Sega Dreamcast good enough games but it never created a share of the market and within 18 months you couldnt get games. I am thinking about the Xbox if anyone has used one let me know.
What ever happened to the fans of the original Nintendo! I still play that game system, and feel its more entertaining then 90 percent of the new systems out there. I mean who can forget classics like Super Mario Brothers, Castlevaina, and the Mega Man series.

Even better... How about Atari 2600 and 7800. Now were talking about classic gaming! Who could forget the original Pitfall.

Lunker Dave

Sorry I have not been around. I have been very busy.
Gregg, actually, I have become quite the Easy Bake oven chef. I have always been into gaming in the off fishing season. Dave, I remember the 2600, I think I have one at My mom's house buried in the basement.
I could go for a game or two of Missle Command or Defender.
do you remember the original Pong gaming system with B/W TV. Four games in one console. no add ons, no extras.. just pure cheesy tennis.

we played the Pong game for hours and hours in my friends basement years ago.

we played the Pong game for hours and hours in my friends basement years ago.
That's what Pot'll do to ya.
Now that's a blast from the past. Was just telling my 13 Year old son, as he played his Playstation 2, about Pong. Black and white. only vertical moves, etc. He looked at me like I was talking about
dinosaurs. Of coures to him, I am a DINOSAUR. LOL. But sure kept us entertained back then. Thought I read somewhere that someone was putting pong back in some clubs as a "Retro" "Can you believe this" type of thing.
While we at it, any old slot car racers out there? Another oldie but goodie.
My son is a video game "junkie" and he is only 5! He only get to play it on weekends. I have a PS2 and play it from time to time. Ok more than that....Yes I still consider myself a kid!

I played Lord of the Rings II Towers and it was awesome! Took me two months off and on to finish!

My son plays Midnight Club II. Its a driving game. He loves it. I play with him now into it because of him.

Atari!!! I miss a good old game of combat. I remember begging my parents for it because it was just like the real thing!! No more quarters on Pacman or Tempest! I remember Intelevision, Colecovision (Donkey Kong was the bomb it even though the joystick sucked big time! and my Commodore Vic 20 and THEN the Commodore 64!!!!!!!!!

Most off all I remember robbie the robot when it first came out with nintendo! WOW. Time does fly!
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from Paul's Letter to the Romans in the New Testament:

"when I was a child, I played like a child, but when I became an adult, I put away with childish things"

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...couldnt resist...

I was a video game JUNKIE back in my late twenties, early thirties............
I could go for a game or two of Missle Command or Defender.
Two old favorites of mine.

The kids have so many games I can't keep track, was at game stop last night and they traded in a bunch for some new ones.

oh the last one I played was Warcraft III
still like my "Atari"...... ha ha ha
Pong... to funny.

just so you know.. most of the old games are available for free on pc by way of an emulator. all of the mainstay games.. defender, dig-sug, tempest, all sports games like techmo bowl football etc. my brother in law is a big gamer and has helped in converting a few. great stuff just to see them again.

just a smattering here.

love and kisses -- robbie

No video games for me....I had Penthouse and Playboy at 7 years old...:angel:
Joe that explains a ton!:D Anyway, I do actually have an article that I'll post in the WormHole soon.
Astroids and StarGate Defender took many quarters when I was younger.
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