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Another graphite rod question...

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Can anyone please explain the difference between IM6, IM7, IM8 and the HMG classes of graphite rods?
I've seen IM6 rods for sale for as little as $20.00 and as high as $50 or $60. Does it matter?

Thanks as always...

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Paul, good point. Sometimes I think memories become "hyped" up a little, especially if you haven't had that potato salad in a while. I remember similiar things that my Grandfather used to make. He passed on in 1983 when I was only 12 or so but his legacy of cooking still holds strong. Now I know it was good stuff but I will never again sample his food. Knowing this, I may think it is better than it really was. I know I can't have it so my mind has made it out to be something I cherish. Sorry if I am being confusing, coming off the Vicodin right now. I stopped using it for a week but yesterday the pain was bad........
Now you did all got me hungry...bring it on....LOL:D
I need info on a good diet as I need to drop 15-20 pounds. Either that or I'm gonna sew my lips shut with power pro! LOL
I need info on a good diet as I need to drop 15-20 pounds.
ahem.....try 50.....;)
Try Atkins

Lpbassman said:
I need info on a good diet as I need to drop 15-20 pounds. Either that or I'm gonna sew my lips shut with power pro! LOL
Lp, I've dropped 10 pounds over the last few weeks on the Atkins Diet and know a bunch of people who've had success with it as well. Get his book and check it out. Basically, in the beginning, you're cutting out carbs--no bread, potatoes, pasta, sugar--but you can eat as much protein--meat, cheese, eggs--with some vegetables as you need to avoid being hungry.

You can eat very well on Atkins, but it can be a little inconvenient and a little expensive. For example, I had to replace my usual quick bagel or bowl of cereal for breakfast with something like eggs and bacon, sausage, or ham. Having to find something other than a sandwich for lunch can also be a pain.

As you drop the weight, you can start re-introducing a limited amount of the carbs (so a mutt like me can have his pasta and his matzoh balls SOMETIMES).

This is not a low fat diet, and that's really the deal. Many people apparently find it easier to avoid carbs than to avoid fat. (Sadly, you have to give up french fries either way.) And a lot of people who are avoiding fat, wind up gorging on carbs and gaining wieght. Low fat foods are often loaded with sugar.

When I read the book, I thought the diet seemed a little whacky at the margins, so I checked with my doctor before getting too far into it. She said it was OK as long as I was loosing weight, but not a good lifetime proposition for me. Check with your doctor before you start.

Good luck.
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If you choose Atkins you must read the book. You must adhere to the entire principle strickly. You need a complete physical first, withe blood work. You also have to avoid all over the conter remedies while on this diet. The book will also explain the physioligy regarding this diet, which works on kitosys (sp) Turning your body into a fat burning furnace. You also must take suplimental vitamins. It can have very good results. But if you cheat you will gain alot of weight. I just don't like a diet that excludes fruits & Veggies for the most part. Good Luck LP. PS you ain't drinking on this diet.
Odd Turn

Well, this thread certainly has taken an odd turn.

In any case, Atkins is the most restrictive in the first couple of weeks. After that, you have a little more latitude. Its definitely not for everyone, but if you haven't had success with dieting, especially with low-fat or low-calorie diets, then this is worth a look. As I said, my doctor does not think it is a good lifetime strategy for me, but also thinks that its OK while I'm losing weight. So, if you're interested, you certainly should check with your own doctor.
Im so sorry I ruined this guy's thread! LOL.....

anyway, a word about ATkins: yes, it will work, no it is not for everyone...

you see, your body is not just a fat burning furnace on that diet, it also begins to use Protein for energy too......the last thing anyone taking part in any sort of high level athletics would want is for their body to get into a protein burning mode for energy......

this is critical!!! if you go through a stretch and protein is not supplied, just where do you think your body will get it from? your own will catabolize....big time.....

not unlike the wasting you see when people have cancer.......

dieting and preserving LEAN tissue at the same time is not easy, and certainly not served by the ATkins diet.....
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um....the rods...what about the rods?....
JOe, actually, we answered his rod question a long time ago!!
If I missed it I apologize John, but I missed any reference to rod weight as a factor in using higher modulus blanks. As mentioned previously, higher modulus blanks are usually stiffer blanks allowing manufacturers to use less material in their blanks while maintaining the rod actions they want and allowing them to be lighter. I think these higher modulus blanks wouldn't be any more delicate than a lower modulus blank if they contained the same amount of blank material.
Good point but the decrease in weight is minimal. You're talking about less than an ounce per blank. If you want to decrease it by get lighter reels. You can stick with a blank that weighs 3 to 4 ounces which is the top end of the spectrum.
I agree with your point Craig, however, competition between companies can become pretty extreme. Lighter stiffer materials do transmit vibration better and casting characteristics are thought to be improved. The last decade has seen an increase in the length of rods that fishermen prefer as well as rod specialization. I think these two factors (along with the afore mentioned competition) have driven rod manufacturers toward higher modulus blanks. Most manufacturers have an assortment of different modulus blanks to accomodate a variety of technique needs.
With more comp. the price should be driven down, even with the big guns...that just isn't the case though.
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