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Annual Thousand Island Trip

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Did our annual Thousand Island trip last week, fished Tues and Wed with our guide Randy Yaeger. The weather and scenery were beautiful as usual. Tues the weather was great sunny light winds mid seventies, the water was crystal clear even more than usual. We fished shoals, flats, I didn't beat my PB smallie but did get one 5lb, with numerous in the mid 4's, also caught LMB, walleyes, my friend caught a bowfin. great first day. 2nd day was just the opposite, cloudy drizzly, more wind but not managable. We bounced around Chippewa Bay and Goose Bay areas again fishing shoals, ledges, etc. My two buddies only managed 4 fish 3 smalllies and a walleye. I eneded up with 25 bass, 22 smallies, 3 LMB, biggest smallie 3 1/2 lbs, biggest LMB 3 lbs. First day I got all my fish on Ned rig TRD green pumpkin and a 2.75" tube green pumpkin purple flake. Tried Spybaiting for awhile. my two buddies fished Ned rig TRD in yoga pants 1/10 Shroomz. 2nd day I fished a Hula Stick (green pumpkin) on a Zman 1/10 oz EWG jighead, just dragging along the rocks, one bait lasted all day (25). We had a great trip as usual, had a lot of laughs and caught fish.

Just a heads up, anyone going up there. Be Careful, getting off 81 on to rte 12, there is a speed trap just before the exit. It goes from 65 to 55 to 40 in a matter of 300 ft, you cant see the signs they are in the bushes. I would had been nailed if not for my friends PBA card, he let me go. Would have 66 in a 40. BONUS!
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Marty, Randy has a camp on Black Lake. Very knowledgeable guy.
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