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What a beautiful day to be on the water. The trees are in their fall splendor, bright orange with contarsting hues of yellow. Air temps in the mid 50's with little if any wind. A great day to be alive.....unless you happen to be a Red Sox (Couldn't resist)

The fishing on the day however, was very make that incredibly tough. With 20 of the areas premier fishermen picking her apart, Lake Mahopac was less than accomodating. A grand total of 11 bass were brought to the scales. WOW

The winners were Zillokowski & Hammond of Watershed Bassmasters. This was a great year for this pair. They were also the Alliance Anglers of The Year as well. Nice job gentelman.

Results #bass/pounds & ounces
1. Zillokowski/Hammond WBM 3/6.11
2. Tomasini/Tomasini WBM 2/4.07
3. Pushkar/Cannanzarro WRR 2/4.02
4. Scully/Krygowski ABM 2/3.14
5. Cuccinello/DeStefano SCB 1/2.05
6. Menchen/Menchen WBM 1/2.01
7. Casella/Sullivan ABM 0/00
8. Pepe/Pepe ABM 0/00
9. Jorgensen/Giner WRR 0/00
10. Filley/Filley WRR 0/00

Lunker Tomasini/Tomasini 2.15 lmb
1 - 2 of 56 Posts
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