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Alliance Of Bass Clubs "Classic Championship", Lake Mahopac 10/18/03

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What a beautiful day to be on the water. The trees are in their fall splendor, bright orange with contarsting hues of yellow. Air temps in the mid 50's with little if any wind. A great day to be alive.....unless you happen to be a Red Sox (Couldn't resist)

The fishing on the day however, was very make that incredibly tough. With 20 of the areas premier fishermen picking her apart, Lake Mahopac was less than accomodating. A grand total of 11 bass were brought to the scales. WOW

The winners were Zillokowski & Hammond of Watershed Bassmasters. This was a great year for this pair. They were also the Alliance Anglers of The Year as well. Nice job gentelman.

Results #bass/pounds & ounces
1. Zillokowski/Hammond WBM 3/6.11
2. Tomasini/Tomasini WBM 2/4.07
3. Pushkar/Cannanzarro WRR 2/4.02
4. Scully/Krygowski ABM 2/3.14
5. Cuccinello/DeStefano SCB 1/2.05
6. Menchen/Menchen WBM 1/2.01
7. Casella/Sullivan ABM 0/00
8. Pepe/Pepe ABM 0/00
9. Jorgensen/Giner WRR 0/00
10. Filley/Filley WRR 0/00

Lunker Tomasini/Tomasini 2.15 lmb
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Wow...sounds like it was a tough one. Congrats to the winners.
Joe P caught as many as the field

Joe are you fishing next Saturday?
Another well run tournament, Ray. But you're supposed to arrange for a better bite. I've never seen Mayo as stingy as she was yesterday. But no matter how tough, somebody is going to win. Congrats to fellow Watershed Bassmasters Pop Ziolkowski & Jerry Hammond for the victory and Bob & Rich Tomasini for second place. I will be expecting Mahopac to produce better results next Sat. at the Halloween Classic. Ray, will you please see to that.
wow...tough bite...Congrats to the winners....

yes, Paladin...Woody and I are fishing next week....

My fish was one here and one there, pretty much the whole day . I saw Pat and Mike around 4 pm . By then I only had 6 fish.

THe fishing started to pick up around then..way after you guys left....

I usually have a good practise and then suck on tx day...:D
Wow. 11 fish for 20 quality anglers. Lunker 2.15 lmb. Not many over 2 pound?
good job

1 fish or 20lbs a win is a win and pops shure knows how to win. And hammond you may take joeys name the (hammer) if you keep this alliance pace up LOL.Hey Mr Menchen see you on the halloween classic and stay shallow LOL.Ray did you get enough guys . Me and my partner are struggling on mahopac then again I was struggling on the hudson all week then came the tourney yesterday and I pulled off a win go figure. 5bass
hey 5 bass

what event did you win on the Hudson?
Hey Woody......

.......Wow man you are in next week!!! Your partner beat 20 guys by himself!!!

:D :D :D :cool: :rolleyes::rolleyes:
how do you like that ramp, guys????

:cussing: :cussing:

stay with that hair jig, Kenny....;) :rolleyes:

Joe did a great Job !!!!!
Also you have to look at the time frame...6 fish by 4pm
I am not sure what time the Tourney ends but if you look closely at Joe's post...The fish turned on LATER in the day(After the Tournament will be over)
Joe STILL caught 6 fish prior to 4pm. You and I both know how difficult the bite was 24 hours prior...Right Gary;) ?.
I for one am looking for a quality day and some fun....
I can't guarantee QUALITY but I can guarantee FUN.
See you all Saturday !!!
Tight Lines,
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This fishing has been tough hugh? I have never remembered seeing it this bad. I guess that is what falling water levels, gin clear, in the middle of turn-over and cold weather will do for you. Its been rediculously tough for me. But, here is the good news.....

I think the tough times will all be gone by Saturday. The lake will have a chance to settle, there should be practically zero fishing pressure this week, and the turn-over should be done by then. I think its going to be a great event.

How could it not? There are so many teams in there that I would consider my friends. Scully, Pido, Woody, Paul Ritchie.....I can't wait to see these guys, reguardless of how the fishing is, and I do think it will get better this week.

Now, Im not Nostridomus, but I think its going to be a good time with pretty good fishing. Can't wait to see you guys!

Pat X
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Well, I'll tell you what Nostrodamus! I will be there WED to see if the tide is turning, or I will bite the dust again, like so many have there recently.......

have to get the 30mph wind day out of my system and at least give it what I would consider a fair shot......
Yeah John....I am sure that you will enjoy the 20mph winds, temps in the low 50's and showers much more! LOL!
I know Huge, last nights details said up to 25 MPH, so I may have to curtail this one.....the fishing is so tough there right now, I don't mind putting in the time and effort, however, while being buffeted by those relentless winds on Maho makes it almost impossible......
Why not just join the fun on Saturday?

You have stated that you would consider fishing an open..
Well this is the best Buddy Tournament I can think of...
If Greg isn't available due to work... I think you would have NO PROBLEM filling his spot;) . (I can think of two guys right off the bat)
Come on Doc...Try it...You might like it
You know Maho just as well as some of the guys fishing and way more than I do...
;) ;) ;)
Come on in Doc, the water is fine!

Seriously, I think you would have a great experience, plus we can turn it into a mini outing anyone?

I hope you come John - I think you would like it.

Pat X
Yeah John, Jump in.
keep going until you get to the harbor and then drop in! LOL.......


I'll pass, however, I will try to make it there for the weigh in and see all of the long faces! LOL......

to cancel out a busy SAT morning at work, lose a thousand or whatever bucks, then piss another 100 to the contest.....sorry!

my day at the office is a sure thing! HAHAHAHAHA.........
Gee, am I the only one that wants CHICKEN for lunch??????........

Just razzaing you doc. Maybe next year.

Pat X
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