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Since it has been very slow fishing lately, I am posting something a little differant. ...As much as I would love to think it's all about fishing, I have to give my wife her time as well.....SooooooI went with Debi to see Alice in Chains Saturday in NJ......They were excellent and we had a great time all day long......Jane's Addiction was horrible and boring.....I never liked them anyway......We met a bunch of rock stars while we were there ....thankfully i still have some good connections from when I was in the music business.......I was supposed to go fishing @ 4:00 am Sunday morning but got a text while at the show that my buddy had to cancel which was a bummer.....Here's a few pics I took of the show and backstage.....

Me and my wife rocking out before the show!!

My wife and Duff from Guns and Roses

Me and Jerry Gaskill, Drummer from Kings X

My wife Debi w/ Jim Florentine, co-host of VH! THAT METAL SHOW

Me w/ great band called Danko Jones....check them out....they are really good(song called "The Rules" on You Tube is excellent!!)

Duff McKagan, formerly of Guns and Roses onstage w/ Walking Papers(his new project)

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