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This past weekend I got a chance to fish two days with my father and the next day getting on the water with my nephew, whom is starting to really get turned onto bass fishing. Aside from getting to fish some amazing bodies of water in pristine areas, I got to spend it with two of my favorite people. An lucky for us the bass were biting, we caught a mix bag of smallies and largemouth, and even hauled in a 7.3 pound northern on a drop shot (on 5lbs flouro)... Fish were stacked in water 15-20 feet deep and holding on drop offs close to shallow flats. Always nice when the pattern works on one lake, and then works again on the lake down the road. We did some lake hopping the second day, first lake my father and I landed about 20-25 bass mostly on drop shots around rocky points (nothing huge but we did manage a few between 2-3 lbs)... Biggest bass of the day was caught on the second lake of the day, she weighed in at 5.6 lbs, also taken on a drop shot in 17 feet of water with 5lbs test Sunline flouro. Highlight of the day was my nephew landing his first ever smallie, wasnt a giant but it sure fought like it. Best part is it helped hook him on fishing for life, never thought fishing would be more enjoyable to see someone else catch em... He ended up getting a few others too... Good times all around

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