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A season with united bass anglers

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This is a review of my season with . This club is from N.J. and has 30+ members. LILLY pre fishing for our first tourney was great I spent the time with my friend Manny and we did well. When tourney came around I had the dropped fish bug my nonboater Alberto said I lost about 8 fish while my prefishing partner did not lose the fish and ended up finishing high not the way I wanted to start the season. HIGHLAND could not find them let alone catch them CANDLEWOOD bedding fish and I cull twice for 12+lbs problem is you need 15lbs to place. GREENWOOD ok the crankbait has now cost me 2 tourneys and once again I lose fish and I am in 10th place and trying to defend my fishing abilities to my competitors. CHAMPIONSHIP 1st day on saratoga I flip for 15+lbs 2nd day on the mohawk I struggle for 12+lb and end up in 3rd place. BUDDY CANDLEWOOD I fish with my good friend joe Mahood and we find some good weed beds and bag 19+lbs and lunker GREENWOOD I dropshot my way to a second place finish MAHOPAC NIGHT I bag 12+lbs my nonboater gets 16+lbs he wins I get 4th all from a small but productive area CANDLEWOOD NIGHT I catch big fish while prefishing with manny but everyone is reporting big bags so I get my wish A cold front and I then bag 15+lbs and 1st place with lunker HOPATCONG can you repeat after me and say skunking I fish big and wiegh in notta 8lbs won and 2nd was 5 fish for 5 lbs hopatcong bites the big one LOL MAHOPAC BUDDY I fished with a great partner named Ray Scully but the fishing was not as great as my partner. And also had A good butt kicking from PatX and 2nd place finisher and once again prefishing partner manny. HUDSON RIVER last points tourney of the year and everyone is reporting big bags prefishing I have only caught 2 fish in 2 days of prefishing and on tourney day I have 5 fish for 5lbs and a 1/2 hour left in tourney so I tell my nonboater alberto I have one spot left and get ready to crank. With the tide pefect I am able to cull 3 fish in 10min and seal another 1st place finish. But luck is not on my side for angler of the year and losing to (last second fish ) Gary Kanwisher is not all that bad because this guy is a fishing machine. This was A very nice year with UBA and though I fish alot more tourneys and opens then this I thought I would share my fishing experiences with UBA. And I would like to thank our tourney director Gary Kanwisher and pres Steve Hirsh for a wonderful season. 5bass
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excellent season, 5 bass

nice recap. Shows your excellent skills, all around from finesse to power fishing. Too bad I didnt have a chance to meet you yesterday at Maho......good job, BTW....

Good luck next year.....ready for 2004?....:beerchug:

5Bass, Nice recap. It was real nice meeting you Saturday. You seem like my kind of people, we could definitly hang. And your story of winterizing your boat is F'n legendary. LMAO
Nice recap of your season Mike. Some lows but mostly high points for a consistent season. Best of luck in 04.
I enjoyed fishing with you at these open buddies and our week at Kerr in the spring gave us some time to compare notes.

Congrats on finishing 3rd this year. Now you get to take your boat to Champlain this spring!!

Hopefully, I will see you this weekend and I know I will see you at the shows.
MIke: there is a consistency in your results,,,you were at or near the top almost all the time.....

I would say a great year!!!
Mike, way to go with your 3rd place finish. I was fortunate enough to share the boat with Mike twice this year. While we didn't kill them on our outings, I certainly enjoyed his fishing enthusiasm.

Mike...Congers Rules! Got that Woody! LOL!

Huge fished with me on hopatcong and this lake at the time was way off as a result of the wieghts brought in .Then huge and me tackled mahopac in late fall and do I need to say more LOL. Huge I will get you out next year so you can expierence candy in the spring and Mahopac at night and the hudson in the fall. Hey Woody we can rumble at the cannon you know how us congeriods do it ( go north ). 5bass
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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