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A Russ Bass Dozer Surprise!

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Recently I started posting on Gary Yamamoto's forum on and decided to give my opinion on one of Russ Bassdozer's articles which turned out to be a paid advertisement.

The key concept that he was associating with strike success was that since everything a bass eats is laminated or two tone, if you buy the new laminated Senko your copying what nature intended for most prey species. I won't go into the pros and cons of color/patttern theory - we all have discussed this before.
But as the posts started to build (about 20 immediately, which were mostly positive), RD began to get more and more pissed and began to deny that he ever meant to associate lamination as a natural choice when buying Senkos, but accused me of misstating the entire promo or even insinuating that it was a promo.

I even apologized to all that not only follow and believe everything Russ has ever written, but to those that "may have felt uncomfortably disillusioned" by concepts that questioned lure elements that attract, as written over the last 30 years. Even that wasn't good enough for Russ, who accused me of trying to get in the last word in the first sentence and then continued to cut-and-paste many of my sentences with comments (like I do- LOL.)

Needless to say, the moderator for Yamamoto deleted almost every reply to the post (at least 12) that was unkind, derogatory or just plain-out, viscious AND made him apologize to me.

I don't hold any angler, no matter what their accomplishments, in higher esteem than I would any one talent on this board. Much of a pros status is quickly discredited by his commercial prostitution and self aggrandizement at every opportunity. Anyone that has fished with me, knows that in my book, sharing is a two way street. The gurus of bass fishing are on a one-way street to the easy life once they've gotten a few classics under their belts or became sponsors for big name companies. Nothing wrong with that!

But don't make my hemerhoids bleed because you feel your ideas, statements and advertising are above questioning or that what I have to say is far less important or illuminating.

Russ showed me and quite a few other guys his true colors and will be curbed from here on I'm certain. That's the nice thing about being a nobody - I can (politely) say what I want about a bigshot's claims and assertions and not be deleted! :D

If you look at his picture, imagine a caption under it, "would you buy a used car from this guy?"


p.s. too all those that respect and revere the man, my apologies. But, he don't bring home my bacon, only his own, and no one should bash another with the lack of class that he did. It's not good for business or one's credibility!!
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Andy, I agree with you whole heartedly (finally!LOL)....
Frank, even though, I know your heart is in the right place I will not allow a discussion involving Russ to go on here if he is not here to explain and defend himself.....I owe him that much..

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