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A question concerning guides....

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I'm sure alot of the members of NYBass have taken out bass guides in the past and some of our members are guides,so I was looking for an opinion on this.

If you are a seasoned angler and hire a guide to take you out on waters that are unfamiliar to you obviously he drives the rig and picks out the best locals to fish on a given day.
But once on the spot if the guide gets up front and hits all likely spots that would hold bass how does the customer get a good shot at the fish?I know the guide should fish somewhat to try and figure out the pattern at the current time,but is it wrong to ask for the front and have the guide just guide and not fish,if conditions allow?
Was curious as to what ya'all thought,Thanks...><>...HS
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RE: Guides

I have been fishing for over 40 years and have hired professional guides all over the country to learn new tactcis, or to fish waters I do not have access to a boat on.
I have employed about 20 , or so.
What one expects from a guide should be discussed in detail before the reservation is made, Some are true 'teaching guides' that will spend alot of time helping you teach and/or hone a technique. I have learned a ton from guys like this. Other seem more interested in putting huge numbers in the boats, regardless who catches them, guide or client, and often this type does indeed cast to the best spots etc......Me, while I want to catch alot of fish, I persoanlly would rather learn to fish better that day, so I can catch fish LATER, as well as just that day. I seek out 'teaching guides'...

To answer your question... I have fished with guys that never pick up a rod all day, except to make sure fish are still there on the spot/tactic, and then after a few fish then put their poles right down and they let the client do the catching then al day, with them positioning the boat, and landing the clients fish only. I have also fished with guys that fish all day and they will save spots, letting the client often have first crack at sweet looking spots. It really comes down to how many clients in the boats, what technique is employed, etc...
Kinda hard to bed fish/sight fish if the guide is not positioning the boat in favor of the client. Some guides i fish with realize my abilities, and let me land my own, or let me tie rigs...others almost feel 'left out' if they dont tie every knot/rig every worm/land every fish.

Being a guide on the water is a job were 'reading people' and their abilities and wants, comes strongly into play. That is why discussion PRIOR to the trip is HIGHLY important.

No, if fishing a technique or pattern [like bedfishing] I feel the client can ask the guide to let the client have the front deck to fish from. Some guides have NO problem with that, others do. Discuss it ahead of time. Some [most] guides love to fish, and might feel 'left out' if they are not fishing. Again, depending upon the number of clients in the boat comes into play here too.
If there are three/two paying clients, then the guide should not fish as much, I PERSONLY think. Really depends on the tactics/techique employed, and the number of least in MY veiw.
PRIOR discussions will make for a happy day for all...
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Thanks Bill,excellent reply.
I agree with you about taking out a "teacher",Then I barely fish for numbers at all and mostly listen and learn all day.
My question I guess would be more towards just going out and waxin' numbers all day,fun fishing...><>...HS
Client should be given best angles, opportunities,... A quality guide insists on fixing the backlash as he hands you another rod... The guide should be able to answer ALL questions concerning to species sought... I do not fun fish with others often because I will want THEM to have a great experience and I don't get to much fishing... SERVICE BUSINESS = COMPLETE Customer Satisfaction

To me , it comes into a couple of things , like I said prior.
Let's say just , in example, say me and the guide are alone, no other anglers with us. If we are "rippin' traps" through exspansive weedflats, or drifting down a bank, "crankin cranks" on sloped shores, heck, I enjoy the 'challenge" of trying to catch as many or exceed his number and size, but that is ME and MY feelings. I feel I know how to work these baits successfully, but always listen to any additional tips he can share with me about them. I don't feel threatened he may be 'stealing my fish'.....However, other times, if let's say we are working down a bank with laydown trees, or fishing visually on bedded fish, and he is getting two or a few 'pokes' in every hot looking spot before I get a chance because of boat positioning[etc], heck yeah, I am gonna say something as I then think he is not being respectful to my paying staus or that even one should extend to a 'buddy' fishing with you for that matter. Alot can be done to position the boat good, or poorly, for the backseater with the trolling motor. If you feel like you are getting 'the backseat blocked' heck yeah, let him know IMMMEADIATELY.

Like I said, some guides are just happy to see you clockin em good.... others want to savor it too. Discuss this with them PRIOR.....neither of you will be happy if an arguemen ensues on the boat about stuff like this.

I have learned much with fishing both with guides, but also just from fishing with others too, like Leigh Price Joe Pido,TTony, JohnG[to name a few] here at NYBass.. I know you and I have mutual buddy in MO, and dang, I just love fishin with him, cause we bust on each other all day, among other things, with me even hanging him once over the water one day as I snuck up behind him and hoisted him into the air[he's way smaller guy than me] cause he was goofing on me so much, asking him 'you wanna go swimmin?'....LOL....he simmered down, and kept a sharp eye on me then....LOL

Where you thinking of hiring a guide for??
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The guides respondsibility is to put his client on fish and do all the work. There are some guides that fish when their clients fish and to me, this is horseshit. Of course some may use this time as a prefish for a tournament and that isn't fair to the customer.
"I do not fun fish with others often because I will want THEM to have a great experience and I don't get to much fishing..."

Who are you Frank Mundas?

Here I thought you just hated everyone!
Do not fret I still do!!!!!
good question on this thread......Bill's answer was pretty complete......

the most important thing here , I believe , as he mentioned , is to discuss your purposes beforehand with the guide........

As in any service oriented business such as guiding you are paying for their knowledge/skills. Customer service is what will keep you going back because there are times when you won't be catching.

Up front communication is key. What are your expectations and what is he/she going to provide. You 'should' get the prime spot on the boat. You 'should' be handed a new rod when yours backlashes or you lose a lure/fly. You 'should'nt' have to do anything except cast to where he says, retrieve it the way he says and catch the fish he is going to put you on. But, again, know what you are going into. How did you find him/her? Word of mouth, biggest ad, nicest boat, etc. The best does not always look like the best. Bad day of fishing may be made up for by great conversations, education, scenery or a really good lunch.

What is it that you want in a guide? Let that be your guide.
should guide fish

Every lake is different and every situation is different. There is no open and shut answer to the question.

As all have said. Tell the guide what you are looking for. Communication is key and then of course follow up with references.
George: let me pose you a question: I am down in Florida and I call you up to go out...

now: right now, the hottest ticket in Stick Marsh is live shiners....however, I tell you that I don't want to fish live counter that it would give me the best opportunity right now to catch both size and numbers, but I am insistent saying, if I can't catch them on lures then I don't want to bother: what do you do here?
The guide will use whatever method you want.
John G

Who is George? I can't tell who is who and i want to follow the dialogue. thanks.
Dave: George is Acstech's first name.......
artifial or live - customer's choice


<p>"We can use artificial or live bait for your trip, however we prefer
artificial bait if conditions permit. There will be the occasional times when
live bait is the better option but it is always your choice."</p>
<p>The above, John, can be found on my web page under "Guide Services".<br>
This issue comes up frequently. It arises because of the perceived notion that a
shiner will ensure more of an opportunity at bigger fish than artificial will.
However, the tale of the scale and tape over time will dispel that misdirected
<img border="0" src="" width="400" height="266"><br>
<img border="0" src="" width="400" height="416"><br>
<img border="0" src="" width="400" height="412"><br>
I could fill the page with photo after photo of fish over ten pounds taken on
artificial baits. <br>
Our leading fish for this years big fish contest came on a Senko. </p>
<p>Our job is to be a guide, not a charter boat, hence we will do as you wish.
This morning's temperature is 37 and with the wind blowing at about 15 to 20 out of the northwest it would be a day for recommended shiner fishing. The winds are forecasted to 20-25 and gusting. However, fish can and will be caught today using artificial baits.

They will not afford the most comfortable day on the water and they will not produce as well as shiners due to the fact that we can fish shiners in a protected area, but make no mistake: if you can handle the weather we will catch fish with artificial baits.
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George: you answered that question about as thoroughly as I could expect!!!! thanx!

I think Bill has the best solution and define what you want to do and make sure you discuss with the guide before your outing.

As far as where I fish in the boat it doesn't matter to me. I'm not the best fisherman and still learning but have enough experience and confidence to catch fish if there around. I've fished enough times from the back of the boat and outfished the front seater. Fished with a friend on the Patomac and out fished him 10-1 from the back seat. By the end of the day he was pissed saying he couldn't focus because he had to work the trolling motor, my response was he had first shot at every spot.
Went out with a guide on wallenpaupack twice, both times we caught plenty of fish for the both of us. I didn't mind him fishing I enjoyed the companyand he was a good teacher. If I wasn't catching fish and he was then he'd better do something to change that. Alot can be learned by watching someone fish with you as well.
Just my 2 cents and from my experience i don't care if I'm in the front, back or in the middle if the guide/boat owner knows the water you will catch fish. I've had two good experiences from NYBASS members, LP on Oscawanna and MikeH on Whaley. On Mike's boat there were three of us fishing all sides of the boat and we all caught fish.

Happy Holidays, BULLFROG
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