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A Few Good Men!

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Many are called, but few are chosen! LOL.....

just goofing with you all....

I just came on to congratulate Mike on this new forum which definitely fills a gap.....I think it is a great idea!!!!!
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thank ronnie bass stalker for coming up with the idea... and if anyone else has ideas on improving the site, let me know.

i'm currently revamping the navigation and overall page template of the content pages... we will be featuring a writer's section that will be easy to find, with new and old articles by members... right now it's a real hassle to find and read these articles; with them broken up into the "worm hole" and "anglers chronicles", in the forums and in the writers cove... totally confusing!...we will soon have ONE writers section.

i'll also be breaking up and redesigning the illustrated section so it doesn't live separately from the rest of the site and is easier to navigate... i won't implement all these changes until the forums are moved, which they aren't.... stay tuned!
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