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It’s hard for me think and I’m sure for some of the others who have been there to realize the Monday Night Result of 8/19 was and is the next to last of our Monday Night CNY Three Fish Tx’s. You need to ask, “Where have just over the past two months gone?”

This coming Monday 8/26 will be our last Monday Night Tx for the 2013 Season before we turn it over to our Saturday Morning CNY Tx during Sept and Oct. Those will start the Sat after Labor Day on 9/7/2013. More about that at a later time.

Although we had our lowest boat total on the Monday’s with 14 boats, it proved to be just as interesting as any other having a tie for 2nd and 3rd and a tie for Lunker. I don’t think a double tie would be that common especially with this low number of boats.

1st Place Honors went to Mike and Phil with a nice 10.50 weight and a 3.85 tie for Lunker.

2nd was Freddie and Ryan with 9.95 tie and 3.85 for Lunker

3rd was Mike and Jim with 9.95 tie and 3.55 biggest fish.

Freddie’s and Ryan’s 3.85 was the tie breaker for 2nd and 3rd. That was Freddie’s payback for the tow he gave last week that missed the weigh-in. We know how it feels Fred as Jim and I had to tow a boat off the Lake up to a boat slip on the Oneida R. We got back to the Lake around 07:55 with 35 minutes remaining. As tough as it has been at times to find fish Amazingly Jim (Jr) put 3 LM’s in the well in less than 15 minutes. It only gave us 7.60 but not enough time to cull.

For anyone interested the last Monday Night Tx is a 100% payback of $20.00 per two persons per boat and optional $5.00 for Lunker. Life vests required when Big Motor is Running. Blast off is at 05:30 and 08:30 weigh-in but might be chaneged to 08:15 for daylight purposes and safety.
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