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First on behalf of Jim, myself and the other Monday Night Tx Team members, we want to give "Kudo’s" to Freddie C. for taking from his Tx fishing time in coming to the aide of Frank and Ryan after their boat experienced motor problems. Freddie towed their boat in from way beyond East of Frenchman’s Island where he had to release his fish since he wasn’t able to make weigh-in.

They pulled into the Oneida Shores dock around 09:30 PM. Just goes to show we’ve got a great group of thoughtful Monday Night Team Members. Thanks again Freddie, very admirable on your part.

Needless to say it was our best weather night, yet, some boats, including us, struggled to put fish in the boat. The Algae Bloom has grown and I personally haven’t seen it that bad for size and color since Onondaga Lake was a mass of pea soup for those who can remember.

We had another decent 15 boat turnout with

1st Place going to Dick and Tom with 9.70
2nd Place went to Sean and Josh with 7.55
3rd Place went Harold and Alan with 5.65

Runner’s up Jason and Andy received Plastic Baits donated by MF Baits of Constantia.

I hope you won't mind my pointing to another highlight to this night for having to boat the second largest Lunker for this Monday Night Season. The LM weighed in @ 4.65 but what has to be noted is that I’m strictly an open faced Angler. I used that reel on a Rapsody “bait-casting rod” from their Hotrod Series called Amphibious Assault.

The 4.65 might not be a heavy weight LM standard to some but pulling this fish from Heavy Weed cover like a knife going through butter was delightful and exciting. I don’t think I could have done it and kept the fish on with another rod as that's happened in the past. I can’t wait to get the new “Mutant Rod” that Bob and Pat are designing for “open face” guy’s like me in my hands.
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