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Got out on Tuesday and Friday this. Week. Tuesday was nothing too special with 9 fish coming in the boat all decent sized but no jumbos. Fish were caught mostly on jigs with one on the crank. I also had carl in tow tuesday who contributed with a few nice fish as well. Here's the best fish from Tuesday.
4 pounds 1 ounce​
I got out today to a res I haven't been to since march. All the reports iv been getting from this place have been quite bad with little to no success. I hit the water to a surprisingly low water temp of 76.5 which peaked at 81. I got 8 fish in the boat with a few coming off as well. All fish came on huge jumbo jigs, which I custom make. All the fish were really good sized as the smallest one was a 3.9 and 2 really close to making the cut for pictures weighing in at 3.15. Here's the best of the day.
5 pounds 4 ounces​
Atleast my self photography is getting better....
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