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5 Speed Manual Tranmission Problem?

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To all you mechanics out there, HELP!

Just bought a used car. Owned for two days and driven less than 25 miles and already encountering problems. When in 5th gear, if I hit a rough part of road, it pops back into neutral. This happened to me several times so far. I freaked out when I heard my engine and saw my RPM's passing 5000.

Seems like a transmission problem but I have no idea. I guess I am covered by the NYS lemon law.

What is in my favor is that, the dealer still needs to me sign over my check to him. The check was payable to the dealer and myself. They called me yesterday and had the nerve to ask me to come back in because of a mistake on their part!!!!!

1. Does anyone know what is causing this mechanical problem?? 2. Can I hold "them" hostage and not sign the check until they fix my car?? 3. Am I legally obligated to sign the check?

I am dropping the car off today and they are giving me a loaner. What I want to do is have them fix it and then sign the check. I really like the car and if its a fixable problem then I will stay with it.

If not I can refuse to sign the check and give them back their car. But then there is my cash deposit of $1,500. Are they obligated to give it back to me?

I hope this makes sense cause I am fuming right now!

Thanks in advance for any replies/comments/suggestions.

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a reputable dealer will repair the problem-you should have some kind of warranty on the driveline-

could be something simple like a motor/tranny mount or a linkage problem-then again it could be internal-
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