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Hey Fellas: I went a little overboard when these came out on sale , they are the new 2013 Fish Eagle 50 rods by Cabelas They sell for 89.99 but truthfully I got them for 70 bucks each and bought too many Now that I am married this can lead to negative effects! So I have 3 rods , all cating 2 are 6'6" Fast/MH and one 6'6" Fat/Med, the plastic was removed from handles but these rods have not even had a reel onto them
I want all 3 gone at 45 per rod, do not try and go lower because thats more than fair and I will gift them rather than sell them for nothing. Thats 1/2 price and thats because I took plastic wrap off handles
all 3 to one buyer for 135 and since I will be sending them in a PVC Cablea's rod carrier I would 25. for shipping as I live in California now
Thanks for reading this
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