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2004 Line Decisions

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Well, it's getting time to start thinking about annual equipment decisions.

I've changed my equipment line-up around this year with several new additions (mostly a few new reels). This, in turn, caused me to match up rods and reels a little differently and therefore I'm making some serious line changes (and, I think line choices may have hurt me some in 2003 so that's another incentive to refine 2004 decisions).

So far: Fluorocarbon on most vertical baitcast outfits (jig & Pig, T-worms, Tubes, etc), Hydird on some spinning outfits (this is nylon w/ fluorocarbon finish), Mono for regular crankbaits, Fireline for the Frog/Rat outfit, etc.

My specific questions are: what do you like/recommend on Baitcasters for Spinnerbaits , and secondly, what on Baitcasters for Topwater baits, like a Spook jr.? (I'm thinking hybird for both of these, less strech than mono, less visible than mono, better long distance casting than fluorocarbon, not sure about bouancy).

Any thoughts/crituque on the logic here (does the same type of line work well for both these specific applications)? I'm looking mostly for castability, and probably some line bouancy for the topwater application.

I'd be interested in knowing what works for you with these two applications and if there is a 'big' reason why (strength, abrasion resistance, castability, stretch, lack of stretch, line sinks, line doesn't sink, etc.).


Joe K
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Thanks guys for the replies, the info was great.

I'm heading out to NC today for Christmas with the grand-kids. Merry Christmas to all, thanks for your generous friendship during the year, NYBass is a GREAT place.

Joe K
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