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Fished the 1st Annual Shickshinny Susquehanna Kayak Fishing Tournament yesterday and Wilderness Systems pro team took 1st (Juan Veruete) and 2nd (me). Shickshinny was almost wiped out by a big flood a few years ago and this was also a power boat tournament for the opening of the towns new boat launch. I prefished Friday and got 7 smallies, a pike and a musky. None of the smallies were over 16 and this part of the river is not know for having the monster smallies that are down around Harrisburg. The river has been muddy and high for most of the year and this is what we were hoping for to give us an edge.
We were allowed to launch about 3 miles upstream at the union launch.

After looking at the satellite map we figured that the best fish were going to even be further upstream. We went about 2 miles up river and found what we were looking for. Black Winco short arm spinner baits were the ticket for the muddy conditions and we only had about 6 inches of visibility. We honed in on the clearest water we could, fishing the tops of islands in 2-4 feet of water. Juan got the winning fish on his second cast but missed one that was huge that tried to grab the bait at the boat. I kept getting short strikes and fished for almost 3 hours before getting my 16.5 for second. Juans' was just 17. I told him at that point we got 1st and 2nd and he laughed. Friday they were all on the bank but we had an 18 inch rise over night. I knew this was going to push the fish off the bank. Almost everyone else was pounding the banks with plastics. The mayor was so impressed with the kayak angler she has already invited us back next year.

It was also great to see fellow NYbass member Paul Shipman.


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