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10 Rules of a true YANKEE fan...

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Rules to being a True Yankee Fan

Rules to be a Yankee Fan
1. It's important to point out past post-season success as often as possible. However, if anyone points out anything in the past that doesn't reflect positively on the Yankees, then argue that it happened in the past and doesn't matter now. For example, it is okay to point out that the Yankees beat the Mariners in the 2000 ALCS. However, if anyone points out that the Mariners beat the Yankees in the 1995 ALDs, then argue that it happened in the past and doesn't matter.

2. Nothing in the regular season matters, unless it's favorable to the Yankees. For example, Roger Clemens is 10-7 this year. However,if anyone points out that the Red Sox have beaten Clemens twice this year, respond by saying, "Regular Season doesn't mean crap". Regular Season wins and losses are especially irrelevant, unless you are referring to the 1998 Yankees.

3. Statistics are for losers. Whenever someone posts a statistic that you find confusing, quickly point out that the Yankees have won 26 World Championships

4. If anyone accuses the Yankees of "buying" their championships, argue that Jeter, B Williams, Pettitte, Soriano, Rivera, and Posada are all home-grown talent. Then, hope that nobody notices that this represents only 6 out of 25 players, and hope they don't bring up Clemens, Mussina, Hitchcock, Witasik, Wohlers, Stanton, Martinez, Sojo, Knoblauch, O'Neill, Brosius, Justice, Lilly etc.

5. Whenever you argue with a Red Sox fan, always bring up 1918. This is supposed to infuriate them and before they respond, you can point out that the Yankees have won 26 championships. See Rule #1

6. Statistics and records are never as important as name recognition. Statistics should always be dismissed unless they are favorable to the Yankees. For example, Roger Clemens is 10-7, but some guy out from Seatle, Joel Pineiro, I think his name is, is 13-5 but that doesn't matter because well-known names are always better than any statistic. If anyone argues with that, see Rule #2.

7. Defend Derek Jeter and Roger Clemens at all costs. Resort to childish name calling and threats of violence if necessary.

8. All other fans of all other teams are bandwagon fans. Nobody has a more loyal, more dedicated following than the Yankees. If a team is hot, or is playing well, call that team's fans bandwagoner's. Then point out how many championships the Yankees have won. See Rule #1.

9. The Yankees are the Defending World Champions until baseball adopts a policy forbidding them to play in the post-season. Such a policy will never exist, because George Steinbrenner vehemently opposes anything that doesn't directly contribute to the success of the Yankees, so therefore, the Yankees will forever be the Defending World Champions. If another teams wins the championship, then it was because of cheating, bias umpires and luck.

10. Logic, Humility, Reason, Tact and Class should be avoided at all times. After all you are the Yankees.

:D :D :D
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Matt, that was excellent. Now, before Frank tells you to use your brains, I wanted to let you know that. So what your saying is that if one wants to be a Yankee fan, one must be: Arrogant, Hypocritical, Rude, Spiteful, Vengeful, Closeminded....etc

8. All other fans of all other teams are bandwagon fans. Nobody has a more loyal, more dedicated following than the Yankees. If a team is hot, or is playing well, call that team's fans bandwagoner's. Then point out how many championships the Yankees have won. See Rule #1.

Yet if you dare to not suport the Yankees, you risk having your status as a New Yorker revoked or questioned!

One of the things I always found funny was the defense of Roger Clemens. I mean, here was a guy who made a living mowing down Yankee batters and many times hitting them.....Jeter, Tino, Bernie come to mind........what a scumbag until he gets onboard. Now, I've heard several Yank fans who told me that Roger will always be a Red Sock to them and I respect that...but for anyone to defend that guy and what he did is just amazing.
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Your kidding right...

Guys change teams all the time in all sports. I guess Eric Lindros will always be a Flyer?? Holik a Devil?? No way. They checked the hell out of the Rangers when they were the opposition so now that they wear the Ranger blue their not "true" Rangers??
So Rocket pitched for the all time rival....I seem to remember a guy called Ruth who played fior the BoSox too..Is he any less a Yankee because he played for Boston??? Not a chance...I think some Met fans are upset (jealous) that Rocket will go into the Hall as a Yankee...Who was the last Met Hall of Famer...Tom been a long time for Met fans. I guess Keith Hernandez should be remembered as a Cardinal?? Maybe go into the Hall as one too.
I hated Deion Sanders with a passion when he played for 49's but guess what happened when he put on the helmet with the star on the side. He became my favorite Cowboy...this is how sports works.
All those adjectives that you used to describe Yankee fans...arrogant, rude, can't be all those things UNLESS your team wins...Hopefully, you Met fans can be described like this too sometime in this century.
Yankee's New York's offical team.....
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No Luck,
You are now rapidly aprroaching the # 3 spot behing Charlie & John G about what you dont know about baseball. In regards to your point #4. Youl left off Nick Johnson as a home grown player and listed Ted Lilly as a purchased mercenary. He was also a home grown player. As far as the remainder of the roster goes there is also Juan Rivera, Eric Almonte and Drew Henson, all home grown prospects for the future.

The Mets are now one of the most mercenary teams in they even have a farm system. Is there 1 player on the Mets that came up through their minor league teams?

The Boston Red Sox have over taken the Yankees as the the MOST mercenary as I dont berleive they have even 1 player that came up through their ranks.

It is really sad when anyone (not just you) has to resort to gloating over the fact that the Yanks lost the World Series. Unlike the Mets & Red Sox---at least we got to play in it.
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Why is this a Yankee vs Met thing? Why are Yankee fans always ragging on the Mets?
I ama big Baseball fan. I am a Met fan. I root for the Yankees when their still in it & the Mets are not (more often then not). I wouldn't consider myself a Yankee fan under any circumstances, but I root for them. WHy is that unusual? I woildn't buy Yankee memorabilia or wear a Yankee hat. But I have rooted for them for many seasons. I want to see them do good. How do you not like Torre, Jeter, Bernie, O'neill, Tino, Rivera? Good players.

WHy is the Met vs Yankee thing the most heated debate we ever see on this board? :confused:

I am also a Jet fan, but I like to see the Giants win.

Knick fan but I rroot for the Nets too.

What's the problem.

Oh OK I hate the Rangers.LOL
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It is really sad when anyone (not just you) has to resort to gloating over the fact that the Yanks lost the World Series. Unlike the Mets & Red Sox---at least we got to play in it.
of all people leigh.
your abuse is bought and paid for! i just haven't delivered it yet. you ran around here soooo confident (arrogant is better, but i'd be deleted. lol.) that the yankees would win, and slaughter the marlins.

take it. take your well desereved abuse my friend, and wash it down with some humble pie.

teams lose once in a while... deal with it!

love and kissess -- robbie
Red Sox home growns off the top of my head. trot Nixon,Nomah,Jeff Suppon,Lou Merloni. The reason the Sox don't win the big one is they don't have "It",that last piece that makes winners win. AS for gloating it works both ways, if the Yanks had won it would have gloated up this site they lost so take your lumps like the rest of us do when they lose. Gary Carter comes to mind as the last Met player to go into the hall of fame of course I think his best days were as a Expos player.
I was the FIRST--the VERY FIRST on this site to congratulate the Marlins on their win over the Yankees. And Yes, I was rather confident that they would beat the Marlins. I was also wrong! I repeat...the Yanks played like $#!T and did not deserve to win.

Bass Rat,
It was not my intention to make this a Yankee vs Mets thing. Rest assured that if the Mets make it the World Series, I will be rooting for them to long as its not againts the Yankees. I do know that No Luck IS a Mets fan and as most Mets fans look forward to gloating over Yankee misfortune could not just stand by as a reference was made to the Yankees being a "purchased" ball club with no or little home grown talent when this years Mets team was almost entirely a bunch of high paid merceanries that finished in last place!

OK the Yanks lost the World Series to a team that wanted it more.
Stop looking to take away from a great ball club just because it makes YOU feel better.

I will now make NO more comments in regards to base ball this year!
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George, there is a difference between a guy who plays the game fairly and does his job than a guy who intentionally hits someone in the back with a 95mph fastball because the batter has the misfortune of being up after the previous batter hit a homerun. While Lindros and Holik were players on rival teams who hit hard, they were not cheapshot artists. .....and the Devils never beat the Rangers in any game that mattered. 2-neither have been involved in any serious infractions against the Rangers in the past other than typical scraps between arch rivals. When Clemens drilled Tino in the Back and then Jeter, I don't think you felt too highly of him. He went out of his way unecessarily to do harm to them, just as Pedro did earlier in the Year to Jeter and Bernie. You can't defend the guy.
I refer you to No Lucks #1 point
Now, this has nothing to do with the Mets. You can make fun of them all you want. It is now our turn to chastize the Yanks and their drought. We relish Yankee failure as you relish Met futility.

Leigh, Met fans gloating is the result of years of Yankee fans arrogance.

"All those adjectives that you used to describe Yankee fans...arrogant, rude, can't be all those things UNLESS your team wins"

Not necessarily. you can just be rude and vengeful.

"Yankee's New York's offical team....."

There is a blast of arrogance! And your team didn't even win! LOL
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Leigh, the Mets had as many as 6 rookies in their line up towards the end of the season, all homegrown call ups from the farm, and they were decent too. Add to that Philips, Wiggington...who you'd love as your third baseman, Reyes, Wilson...etc. Yeah we have a decent farm system now.
I stand corrected. I did not realize that the Mets had that many home growns on their team.
Leigh.....I love you man!
As a Yankee fan, I admit I am spoiled. How could I not be??

We begin every year expecting to win it all!!

We are not just happy to make the playoffs:confused: We are only happy with a "ring."

Florida won.... shit happens. But unless you are a Marlins fan, why are you soooo happy??? Your team has been playing golf, fishing, etc. for some time now.

The regular season does matter. It gets us into the playoffs where a majority of the time, we are celebrating at the end.:beerchug:
Well said Skeet...

and congratulations on winning Angler of the Year.

Yes Earthy, I guess winning can make you appear to be arrogant at times. I guess you would have to be a Yankee fan to understand. I guess it's just plain old pride...
How's this..."The Rangers, New York's offical team"...LOL:D
i met some marlins employees at hogs and heffers on the west side of manhattan saturday night, and they were having a blast. they were all wearing their credentials and partying up a storm. the yankee fans were treating them well, and all were having fun. it was just refreshing to see no real fights going on.

Did you expect Yankee fans to lynch them? That only happens in Boston. LOL
ny is now considered one of the safest fields in the country with the laws to back it up. yankee stadium hires huge amounts of security and police to work the stadium. shea does the same. most of the police you see are paid for by the teams.. not your taxes. the laws governing field jumpers, and runners is getting stronger as we speak. they will jail idiots that run out onto the field, and disrupt or attack the players and officials.

leigh it is just cool to see people get along.

The reason Yankee Stadium is one of the safest is because for years it was one of the most unruley.
:moon: :moon: :moon: :moon:
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