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  1. Writers Cove
    Hey guys, Since my book was released on August 8th at Amazon it's been #1. Huge thanks to Mark Zona, Lortz, Palaniuk, Zaldain, Mazur, Nof, Tony D, Mangus, Lutz, TB, Stephen Neslage, and everyone else who helped me make it, there are way too many to list. Also thanks to my dad for giving me the...
  2. Places to Fish/Fishing Reports
    Thinking about renting a cabin for a day or two on lake george. Hoping to catch some smallmouth bass. Anyone know any hot spots and what I should be throwing? Thanks! Gonna have a kayak with me
  3. Tackle and Fishing Tactics
    Only managed to snag one right above the mouth at Ronkonkoma, not even sure if it hit. That was a couple months back and at least once a week, I head there with a different tactic and come back empty handed. Any tips or other lakes I should be hitting? Thanks! I have a kayak and a dinghy with a...
  4. Places to Fish/Fishing Reports
    Hi all. I'm from Virginia, but I'm going to be up on Lake Sacandaga for several days staying at our camp near Vandenberg Point. I've been fishing the lake from my kayak the past 3-4 years with reasonable success on smallmouth, walleyes, and perch. I bought a 16' Tracker Pro Guide in February...
  5. Places to Fish/Fishing Reports
    Hope you all had a good winter. A friend of mine is looking to rent a place in June to do some filming. Prefer a private lake with accommodations for like 15 people and a boat launch, and the key being that the lake is loaded with big largemouth/smallmouth. Any ideas?
  6. Places to Fish/Fishing Reports
    Hey All, New student at the vet school, but avid large mouth guy. Looking forward to trying to figure out these smallies. Do people fish the Cayuga Inlet? Seems like there is a lot of access and plenty of open water right now. Is it even legal to fish I guess is my first question. And then have...
1-6 of 7 Results