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  1. Writers Cove
    Hey guys, Since my book was released on August 8th at Amazon it's been #1. Huge thanks to Mark Zona, Lortz, Palaniuk, Zaldain, Mazur, Nof, Tony D, Mangus, Lutz, TB, Stephen Neslage, and everyone else who helped me make it, there are way too many to list. Also thanks to my dad for giving me the...
  2. Places to Fish/Fishing Reports
    Hi all. I'm from Virginia, but I'm going to be up on Lake Sacandaga for several days staying at our camp near Vandenberg Point. I've been fishing the lake from my kayak the past 3-4 years with reasonable success on smallmouth, walleyes, and perch. I bought a 16' Tracker Pro Guide in February...
  3. Places to Fish/Fishing Reports
    I set out to fish the six most prolific smallmouth lakes in the Northeast, and what happened on my first stop with Larry Mazur is guaranteed to blow your mind!
  4. Places to Fish/Fishing Reports
    Boy the cold season has really set in upon us. As i type, its about 22 degrees outside here in Litchfield county, and the howling wind has managed to drop a pair of nice branches on my wifes new car , tear a cover off of one of my small boats, and blow every small business sign in Thomaston into...
1-4 of 4 Results