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  1. Tackle 4 Sale
    Trying to get started with my own soft plastics company in the albany area. Made with CNC aluminum molds and have senko style worms, swimming senko style worms, drop shot worms, and swimming shad worms. $4 a bag. This is how the big, modern day companies started, so I'm trying to do the same...
  2. Places to Fish/Fishing Reports
    I went shore fishing on muscoot by the plum brook bridge looking for anything to catch, i used senkos with a texas rig mostly. I got bites and caught small largemouth, one was a pound the rest were from half a pound up. When it was raining a smallmouth jumped out of the water, it looked lie it...
  3. Places to Fish/Fishing Reports
    Dave and I were over at the Tomhannock casting a few. He's always fished smallies there and the bite's been pretty slow lately. So I talked him into trying a Senko for some largemouth. He's hooked after a lil 3 pounder. Hehehehe. It was about 8 PM Sunday. It was so funny. Once he got it ashore...
1-3 of 3 Results