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  1. Saltwater
    I cant help but to mention that I keep seeing guys come out with their new rods and decked out accessories and get laughed at their by buddies for not knowing how to cast. So I created a little how to video with a few pointers on how to improve your casts. Im not saying im perfect but I hope...
  2. Saltwater
    Hey everyone! I am new to NYBass and just wanted to say Hi and TIghtlines to everyone on here. I shoot a lot of videos and try to share them with as many people as possible so if you like the video please share it with everyone you can. Thank you !!! Jersey Justin
  3. Saltwater
    Guys I will be going party boat bottom fishing out of the Atlantic Highlands. Would someone be able to provide some input on a reel to use. I will be fishing for stripers, fluke, and then blackfish. I am looking at the Shimano Cardiff as well as the Calcutta (not TE series). Can the Cardif...
1-3 of 5 Results