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  1. Introductions and The Meeting Ground
    Hello all, I'm new to the site and looking forward to using it as a resource and hopefully to meet new anglers. Im 26 and started fishing seriously this year and have been crazy addicted to Freshwater fishing. I am based in Astoria and frequent Prospect Park Lake, Central Park Lake and...
  2. Writers Cove
    AN ANGLING LEGEND OF THE HARLEM MEER by Randy Kadish Once, not that long ago it still seems, I was an unpublished writer. Then I wrote a fishing article and sold it. And so I dreamed of erasing some of my failures, of becoming an outdoor writer. I did; and after a long run of publishing in...
  3. Writers Cove
    MEMORIES OF A CENTRAL PARK ANGLER by Randy Kadish How should we measure time? By minutes? Hours? Days? If so, is time nothing more than a string of shapeless, carbon-copy moments, each one exactly like the one before, like the one to come? If time is not like that, should we measure it another...
1-3 of 4 Results