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  1. Places to Fish/Fishing Reports
    Hey everyone, Matt here. Just wondering, in a general way, how everyone is going, and how everyone's luck has been this year so far in the reservoirs. I have boats on several spots around Muscoot and North and there has been little to no action for me. I'm sure everyone goes through that...
  2. Tackle and Fishing Tactics
    Only managed to snag one right above the mouth at Ronkonkoma, not even sure if it hit. That was a couple months back and at least once a week, I head there with a different tactic and come back empty handed. Any tips or other lakes I should be hitting? Thanks! I have a kayak and a dinghy with a...
  3. Places to Fish/Fishing Reports
    Hope you all had a good winter. A friend of mine is looking to rent a place in June to do some filming. Prefer a private lake with accommodations for like 15 people and a boat launch, and the key being that the lake is loaded with big largemouth/smallmouth. Any ideas?
  4. Tournament Information
    Mohawk Valley Anglers Club - Fall 2016 - Mohawk River Opens $125 - 2 person teams - 5 fish limit Contact Bart Metzold - 518-7016520 - text is faster (Don't leave a message, I may not get to it) or through October 16 - Sunday - Schoharie Crossing - Dufels -...
  5. Tackle 4 Sale
    Trying to get started with my own soft plastics company in the albany area. Made with CNC aluminum molds and have senko style worms, swimming senko style worms, drop shot worms, and swimming shad worms. $4 a bag. This is how the big, modern day companies started, so I'm trying to do the same...
  6. Places to Fish/Fishing Reports
    Hey All, New student at the vet school, but avid large mouth guy. Looking forward to trying to figure out these smallies. Do people fish the Cayuga Inlet? Seems like there is a lot of access and plenty of open water right now. Is it even legal to fish I guess is my first question. And then have...
  7. Tournament Information
    MVAC Open Dufels - Launch - Mohawk River $125 2 person Teams 730-330 arrive 640-715 for check in November 9th - Sunday 5 fish limit if there are any solos - 6 fish limit if it is all 2 person teams contact Bart if any questions 701-6520 call or text
  8. Miscellaneous 4 Sale
    I am selling a property in Palatine Bridge, NY. Great wide open piece of property. Has a good sized Bass Pond. Has only bass and a few carp in it. There is a small stream feeding into the pond so it does have good circulation. This would be great for anyone who loves fishing to use as a camp...
  9. Places to Fish/Fishing Reports
    Was wondering if anyone knew of any? Just starting to pick up bass fishing again this year and I dont have a boat. I have my feet and an inflatable kayak. If any1 knows any hot spots that arent all fished out by the public let me know please!
  10. Tackle and Fishing Tactics
    Hello all, this is my first post and I wanted to talk about early spring bassin' and what is your favorite way to catch em'. I'm located on Long Island and I also fish Sullivan County. I have been going out and getting either no fish at all, or one or two fish on chatterbaits, spinnerbaits...
  11. Tackle 4 Sale
    I have to clear out some tackle at this time as much as I do not want to. Here is what I have for sale. Some of it is lightly used and others are like new out of package. The WHOLE lot is $75 shipped. Just some of the baits alone total that amount but again, I have to clear stuff out for some...
  12. Tackle 4 Sale
    Curado 200BSF for sale: 7-8 Cosmetically, 9 Mechanically. $75 to your door! This is a classic reel that I have not been using much so I want to pass it along to someone that would put it to good use! Please PM me if interested.
  13. Tackle 4 Sale
    As you can probably see from a few of my past posts, I am clearing out some bass tackle and have been offering some of my backup stuff for sale. I have for sale the following: St. Croix Avid AVS63MXF Spinning Rod: This rod is in excellent condition. Cork is great and just a little dirty...
  14. Places to Fish/Fishing Reports
    I've been fishing Delta for awhile and always come across real good smallmouth... but the largemouth are proving to be elusive. I know their numbers aren't as great as the smallmouth population - but does anyone know where they like to hang out? Any info would be great! Thanks!
  15. Places to Fish/Fishing Reports
    Anybody ever fish Leland Pond in Eaton, NY? Any spots and/or techniques you've used for good largemouth would be greatly appreciated! I fished the lower pond one time... started out directly across from the launch... there's some nice lily pads and grass just before a very steep drop off... I...
  16. Introductions and The Meeting Ground
    Hello, Just wanted to drop a quick note here to introduce myself to the forum as I hope to be a contributor here soon. I came into fishing while in college at Oneonta State where I took a fly fishing course with David Brandt. He taught me quite a bit about being a smart fisherman, learned how...
1-16 of 36 Results