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  1. Tournament Information
    2021 Douglas Rods - Big Money Opens. 2-Man Team Format | Bass | $300 Entry More info/Results/Entry Pg > Tournament #1 – Oneida Lake SATURDAY, JUNE 19TH, 2021 Tournament #2 – Cayuga Lake SUNDAY, JULY 18TH, 2021 Tournament #3 –...
  2. Places to Fish/Fishing Reports
    Hi everyone! I just moved to NYC from Sweden. I have heard so much about small/largemouth bass fishing, and can't wait to give it a try! Did some research and apparently there are many, many great bass fishing locations within a couple of hours drive from NYC. I want to invite my dad and...
  3. Tackle and Fishing Tactics
    Hello all, this is my first post and I wanted to talk about early spring bassin' and what is your favorite way to catch em'. I'm located on Long Island and I also fish Sullivan County. I have been going out and getting either no fish at all, or one or two fish on chatterbaits, spinnerbaits...
  4. Tackle and Fishing Tactics
    Hello everyone, this is my first post. My question would be if anyone ever fishes from a kayak? I got into kayak fishing about a year ago and now I solely fish out of one. I haven't noticed too many people using them aound my neck of th woods (Orange County, New York). Any thoughts? -Rick
  5. Writers Cove
    MEMORIES OF A CENTRAL PARK ANGLER by Randy Kadish How should we measure time? By minutes? Hours? Days? If so, is time nothing more than a string of shapeless, carbon-copy moments, each one exactly like the one before, like the one to come? If time is not like that, should we measure it another...
1-5 of 7 Results