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  1. Tackle and Fishing Tactics
    Hi everybody, I'm in the market for a new baitcaster. I'd like a versatile option (prob. 6.4:1 ratio) that can handle lots of different baits and presentations, costs under $150 and is available at BPS (I have a gift card). I've been checking out a lot of threads here and have noticed a lot...
  2. Tackle and Fishing Tactics
    I have an old Abu Garcia XLT 85-0 baitcast reel. I had a few issues with it. The spool wasn't free spooling which I fixed by cleaning the spool assembly and bearings. But now I have an issue I can't seem to figure out with the drag system and anti reverse dog. I have cleaned all the parts, put...
  3. Tackle and Fishing Tactics
    So I just got my 1st baitcaster and I am lost. I don't know how to hold the thing. Which thumb (left/right) do I use to spool it when i cast if I want to reel in with my right hand?
  4. Saltwater
    I just got a bait caster but it is for saltwater and i do not do that type of fishing so i want a regular baitcaster for freshwater. so,anybody want to trade. :badmood:
1-4 of 4 Results