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  1. Places to Fish/Fishing Reports
    I moved to Cohoes in early August. Between then and mid-November I went fishing 20+ times in 9 different bodies of water using multiple lures and have had no luck. I mean zero. In all that time out I've never even SEEN a fish in the water let alone get a bite. Any hints as to where to go and...
  2. Places to Fish/Fishing Reports
    Was wondering if anyone knew of any? Just starting to pick up bass fishing again this year and I dont have a boat. I have my feet and an inflatable kayak. If any1 knows any hot spots that arent all fished out by the public let me know please!
  3. Places to Fish/Fishing Reports
    Happy Easter everyone! Went out and took advantage of the nice weather yesterday. Caught a beautiful 22" female on a 5 inch yum dinger. There aren't many ponds left for the public in the capital district but I found a good one! Caught another fish earlier but not as big as this one. Good luck to...
1-3 of 3 Results