Took the family for a ride to 1000 Isles on Sun,decided to cross 1000 isles bridge & eat over there,,we crossed into Can. with no problems,,coming back the guard asks for ID, gave him our Lic's,then he asks if we have our birth cert.,whoops ,I thought we only needed photo ID,well thats all you normally need& it's all that was needed, but he informed us that the NY city& Northern NJ areas had elevated the alert level & had the rest of NYS our the U.S. been elevated that an embossed B.C. would have been also needed in order to reenter and we'd have been vacationing in Canada for a while ,He treated us very good & advised that we not go over unless we carry the cert. with us as it could be elevated at any moment,didn't want any trouble, so I didn't ask any extra questions when he said to go ahead,,But anybody who may be fishing or crossing borders may want to take heed,,,Tightlines,Mark