This message will be left as an announcement in the Tournament forums.

I want to clarify the guidelines for posting in the Tournament Forum. This forum should primarily be used to discuss club-related tournaments and not tournament trails. With that said, we do allow ONE POSTING of ANY tournament information that's not club-related. Please feel free to post dates, contact information and any other general information relating to your tournament, but please don't openly promote or start a discussion related to non-club events. Members are discouraged from posting replies in these threads. Please contact the person directly if you have a question regarding a particular tournament trail or product-driven event. NYBASS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR,OR AFFILIATED IN ANY WAY WITH TOURNAMENT INFORMATION POSTED IN THIS FORUM. PLEASE DO YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE ON THESE EVENTS BEFORE SENDING ANYONE MONEY. WE AT NYBASS WANT OUR MEMBERS TO BE INFORMED OF THESE EVENTS BUT WE CANNOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE AUTHOR. THESE POSTINGS ARE FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Thank You