Mike or John,when the board is to updated what would the owners thoughts be on fishing waters possibly broken down into Counties or regions,,not for reports but just about that particular lake,section of river etc,,,,ie. size,acrage,primary fish population,launches,rentals& fees,,,,,,Whitney Point lake,Broome Co.,Bass LM,SM,Walleye,Northern,Musky,Crappie and other panfish,,1200acres,31/2mi.x3/4mi,25' in the channel..,25hp max. free launch at south end(Dorchester park) 14'rentals (can use your own motors)$2/hr,$10/day,canoes,paddle boats and sailboats for rent also,large picnic area w/tables&charcoal grills,swim area w/changing rooms,flush bathrooms.,,,maybe the post would have to be approved by mods & only they could add to it or question the submitter prior to post so it doesn't get lost in the jumble,,Tightlines,Mark