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Simple and reliable knots so the big ones don't get away!

Nail Knot

The Nail Knot is generally used to attach fly line to fly line backing. This knot can also be used to attach a leader to a line. This makes a strong smooth knot that rolls out when casting. The nail knot is good for attaching two lines of different diameters.

1 - Hold nail or needle, tip of fly line and backing material between thumb and forefinger. Wrap backing 6 or 7 turns. Wind carefully for a tight, smooth knot. Stick end of backing between nail and fly line.

2 - Remove nail. Holding coils carefully between thumb and forefinger, alternately pull both ends of backing with free hand to tighten.

3 - Snip off excess backing and end of fly line.

Palomar Knot

The Palomar Knot is a general-purpose connection used in joining fishing line to swivels, snaps, hooks and artificial lures. The double wrap of line through the eyelet provides a protective cushion for added knot strength.

1 - Double the line and form a loop three to four inches long. Pass the end of the loop through the hook's eye.

2 - Holding standing line between thumb and finger, grasp loop with free hand and form a simple overhand knot.

3 - Pass hook through loop and draw line while guiding loop over top of eyelet.

4 - Pull tag end of line to tighten knot snugly and trim tag end to about 1/8 inch.

Snell Knot

The Snell Knot provides a strong connection when fishing with bait and using a separate length of leader. You can only use a snell with a leader.

1 - Insert one end of the leader through the hook's eye extending one or two inches past the eye. Insert the other end of the leader through the eye in the opposite direction pointing toward the barb of the hook. Hold the hook and leader ends between thumb and forefinger of your left hand. Leader will hang below the hook in a large loop.

2 - Take the part of this loop that is closest to the eye and wrap it over the hook and shank and both ends of the leader toward the hook's barb. Wrap for 7 or 8 turns and hold wraps with left hand. Grip the end of leader that is through the eyelet with your right hand and pull it slowly and steadily. Hold the turns with your left hand or the knot will unravel.

3 - When the knot is almost tight, slide it up against the eye of the hook. Grip the short end lying along the shank of the hook with a pair of pliers. Pull this end and the standing line at the same time to completely tighten the knot. Trim the tag end.

Surgeon's Knot

The Double Surgeon's Loop is a quick, easy way to tie a loop in the end of a leader. It is often used as part of a leader system because it is relatively strong.

1 - Double the tag end of the line. Make a single overhand knot in the double line.

2 - Hold the tag end and standing part of the line in your left hand and bring the loop around and insert through the overhand knot.

3 - Hold the loop in your right hand. Hold the tag end and standing line in your left hand.

4 - Moisten the knot in water and pull to tighten. Trim tag end to about 1/8 inch.

Trilene Knot

The Trilene Knot is a strong, reliable connection that resists slippage and premature failures. This knot can be used in joining line to swivels, snaps, hooks and artificial lures. The knot's unique double wrap design and ease of tying consistently yields a strong, dependable connection.

1 - Run end of line through eye of hook or lure and double back through the eye a second time.

2 - Loop around standing part of line 5 or 6 times. Thread tag end between the eye and the coils as shown.

3 - Tighten knot with a steady, even motion without hesitation. Trim tag end leaving at least 1/8 inch.

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, Ray Scull

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